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Folks VFX Adds Fourth Studio

Company opens new facility in Saguenay to capitalize on increased visual effects demand in Québec; move expected to create 60-70 new jobs.

Montreal-based Folks VFX has announced the opening of its fourth visual effects studio in Saguenay, Québec, expanding its production operations in Montréal, Toronto, and Bogotá, Columbia. Overall, the Saguenay location becomes the 10th studio location in the FuseFX portfolio, which includes Rising Sun Pictures in Australia.

The Saguenay location will operate as an extension of the Montréal facility, allowing the company to handle the increased demand for visual effects in Québec. Sébastien Bergeron, co-founder, and president of Folks VFX, aims to create 60 to 70 skilled jobs with this expansion, which will bring the total employees in the FuseFX family of brands to nearly 1,000 skilled artists and professionals worldwide.

"I was born and raised in Alma, Canada, and studied media art and technology at Cégep de Jonquière, so it's a dream to see Folks VFX open a studio in Saguenay," explained Bergeron. "This new location allows us to offer workers in our industry the opportunity to evolve in the universe of visual effects at our office while enjoying the great outdoors, the legendary beauty of the region, and its lifestyle."

The company's recruitment strategy aims to attract visual effects artists to the region and create new quality jobs in the visual effects sector, which does not currently exist in the region.

"The arrival of Folks VFX is a source of pride for the city and the region because it demonstrates once again that we have the potential and the assets necessary to succeed in a globally competitive sector,” noted said outgoing mayor and Promotion Saguenay president Josée Néron. “The signal is clear: Saguenay is a city of choice for all technology companies wishing to offer their employees an exceptional quality of life.”

“The diversification of our economic activity is a constant goal,” commented Promotion Saguenay GM Patrick Bérubé. “Therefore, it is a great pleasure to welcome a new industry, the rapidly growing sector of visual effects, to the region."

Source: Folks VFX