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FMX 2022 Announces First Program Confirmations

The hybrid onsite/online event, running May 3-6, includes presentations from Apple TV+ on their space saga ‘Foundation,’ the story behind Steven Appleby’s first graphic novel ‘Dragman,’ and a keynote by program chair Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull.

The 26th edition of FMX – Film & Media Exchange has announced the first program confirmations for its upcoming program running May 3-6.  The program will include presentations on Apple TV+ space saga Foundation, Shakespeare adaption The Tragedy of Macbeth, the story behind graphic novel Dragman, and animation film Igraine the Brave. Program chair Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull will open the conference with a keynote on “Changing the Game.”

Tickets for FMX 2022 will go on sale January 25, 2022, here

FMX will be hosting a hybrid conference in 2022, with multiple ticket categories available; some tickets which will offer Video on demand sessions until May 31, 2022. The program will run on site from May 3-5 and online on May 6.

Visit the FMX website for further information.

About: “Changing the Game: Opening Keynote”

  • "Firstly, the way we are producing content will very much be driven by real-time engines, specifically virtual production from LED volume stages to mixed reality stages, right through to final pixel animated feature films and shows,” shared Dulull. “Secondly, the longevity of IP will expand through the rise of NFTs. The one thing these all have in common is putting the power and control back into the hands of the creators."

The VFX of Apple TV+ space epic Foundation

  • Inspired by Isaac Asimov's Sci-Fi book series “Foundation,” Apple TV+ took on the challenge to adapt the complex science fiction classic for TV. The series follows a band of exiles on their mission to save the Galactic Empire from destruction.
  • Chris MacLean, Overall VFX Supervisor, will explain how they invented the show’s unique visual language to immerse the audience in the galactic saga and how they created the dazzling VFX.

When Shakespeare meets VFX: The Tragedy of Macbeth

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth, Joel Coen’s adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play, offered visual effects challenges that were unique in their creative and technical approach for a contemporary production.
  • Visual Effects Supervisors Alex Lemke and Michael Huber (both east side effects) will talk about how some of the VFX sequences were created, and how the pandemic affected the production, allowing the work to be done by a small team working over a lengthy postproduction period while constantly involving camera and design departments in the creative process.

Igraine the Brave: Script Development and Character Design

  • How do you adapt a novel by bestselling author Cornelia Funke for the big screen? Producer and co-director Volker Engel, producer Gesa Engel and character designer Johannes Mücke provide an exclusive look behind the scenes of the script development and character design for the animated feature film, a planned collaboration between Uncharted Territory, RISE Pictures, and MACK Animation.

“Dragman: Real Life and Imaginary Worlds”

  • The struggles and double-life of August Crimp, a man who can fly when he puts on women’s clothes – this is the imaginative plot of “Dragman,” absurdist creator Steven Appleby's first graphic novel.
  • In this presentation Appleby will follow the thread of reality and lived experience that runs through all his ideas, writing, comic strips and creative work. He shows how this led, eventually, to “Dragman.”

Source: FMX 2022