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FMX 2021: Dive into ‘WandaVision’ and the Spectacle of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’

MARZ VFX supervisor Ryan Freer will share the often-invisible VFX on Marvel’s first Disney+ series; three presentations will peek behind the curtain surrounding the year’s first blockbuster VFX-driven tentpole to see monster making up close and personal.   

FMX 2021 Online has announced more presentations have been added to their already extensive line-up. Take a look at the Marvel cinematic universe’s television miniseries WandaVision and get insights into one of this year’s biggest visual effects films, Warner Bros. Entertainment's Godzilla vs. Kong.

A Vision Like You’ve Never Seen (and the VFX most people still don't):

  • The best visual effects are the ones that go unnoticed. On WandaVision - VFX studio Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) was responsible for creating the photoreal VFX behind one of Marvel’s most iconic characters – a cape-clad human-like red android with the power of flight and a yellow gem embedded in his forehead. The cape. The smooth face panels. The comedic expressions. The makeup, tracking markers, and green screens.
  • MARZ VFX supervisor Ryan Freer will break down the challenges and techniques behind perfecting Vision as he passes from decade to decade on Marvel’s first Disney+ series.

Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong:

Look forward to no less than three presentations on the monster smash that is bringing people back into cinemas all around the world:

  • MPC Film’s VFX team will pull back the curtain on the visual effects and animation work behind one of its most monstrously epic scenes. VFX supervisor Pier Lefebvre-Cleroux, animation supervisor Michael Langford, and lead animator Lucas Nunes will reveal the creative and technical challenges behind the VFX and animation of the next chapter in the monsterverse.
  • Scanline VFX presents “Creating a monster mash on the ocean for Godzilla vs. Kong.” VFX supervisor Bryan Hirota walks through the design and creation process for Kong, highlighting developments in their creature pipeline that enabled the VFX house to bring him to life along with his range of emotional states. Hirota will also discuss how Scanline created the ocean battle between Godzilla and Kong and the sheer amount of fx and destruction simulation work that went into the sequence, all while taking the creatures’ scale in and on the water into account.
  • The third presentation features Weta Digital. Details are yet to be announced – check the event website for updates.

Full program details and updates can be found on the FMX2021 website.

Source: FMX 2021