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FlickerLab Heads to MIPCOM to Introduce The Wild Life

FlickerLab, LLC, the international content and technology company, will introduce the entertainment content market at MIPCOM to their newest animated series, a marquee property called The Wild Life.

Press Release from FlickerLab

FlickerLab, LLC, the international content and technology company, will introduce the entertainment content market at MIPCOM to their newest animated series, a marquee property called The Wild Life. The series, which targets 8-12 year-olds, is designed to teach kids about climate change in a fun, story driven setting.

The series is produced using the company's proprietary real time animation software, GO. Viewers are also able to use Animtoon, FlickerLab's kid generated animation software, to make their own broadcast ready Climate Cartoons with a library of every character and prop featured in the series. The best kid generated cartoons can be shown on air with custom introductions by the show's characters - Lulu, the dreamer turkey; Alfred, the self-centered scheming rat; Socrates, the Zen master Moose; Kai, the Amazing Boy Chicken; and all the raucous residents of Windy Bottom Farms that cluck, whinny, gallop and bicker their way through life, learning about climate change on the way.

Aiming to help "Save the planet one cartoon at a time," FlickerLab's twenty-six five-minute episodes each feature a three minute story driven cartoon introducing a theme such as the greenhouse effect, renewable energy, or power, along with a curriculum driven, two-minute animated Climate Cartoon on the theme.

The Wild Life has an associated online website based community where the wacky barnyard animals from the show and creative kids meet to put the fun back into caring about the environment. The site offers multi-dimensional levels of participation, including cartoons, Animtoon software, an immersive simulation game in which animals model for humans how to reduce our carbon footprint, a media rich curricular wiki, and a wide range of engaging interactive features packed with fascinating Earth Science facts.

The Wild Life exemplifies what the FlickerLab brand is all about -- using humor, technology and creative storytelling to promote important environmental and educational content. To that end, FlickerLab is working with national eco-literacy and science curriculum organizations to make the cartoons, games, activities, and other features in the show, and on the site, directly usable in a classroom setting. FlickerLab's Moss said, "We believe in creating hit shows that make a difference. We're particularly excited about providing the tools for kids to make their own cartoons. Creating their own content on a topic is the absolute best way to learn, and frankly, kids are no longer satisfied being passive receivers of a media experience."

The Wild Life debuted on Denmark's TV2 in October 2009. In 2010, The Wild Life will trot into longer form, with production starting fall 2010 on forty eleven-minute episodes. These episodes will feature character driven stories with a softer curriculum around eco-literacy, climate change and earth sciences, along with associated animated shorts with deeper curricular content.

FlickerLab is also bringing to market two additional animated series. Jukebox TV is a fully automated, interactive TV show that, once it is set up, is run completely by one unmanned computer. Jukebox is comprised of 140 30-minute customizable music video shows which allow viewers to use their phones or go online to select which videos will play, vote for the hit-list and chat and comment live on screen.

The Nelly Nut Show, which includes 104 30-minute episodes, is a live animated program starring nine-year-old bundle of boundless energy, Nelly Nut and her BFF, the wise and cuddly Miss Bunny (who is neither a bunny nor a miss, but that's a long story). Nelly and Miss Bunny play host to a wacky variety show filled with short sketches, live interviews, viewer call-ins and interactive games. The Nelly Nut Show has already been produced as daily and weekly thirty and sixty-minute television shows on BBC, ZDF Germany, Teletoon France and Fox Kids Israel, among others.

FlickerLab's GO Real Time Animation System has been used to create hundreds of hours of broadcast television throughout Europe, North America, and the Middle East, is a revolutionary digital puppet platform featuring real time performance of animated characters in any style, including 2D, 3D, and stop- motion. The GO system offers a unique, real time production solution, a full animation studio in a box.