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FlickerLab Animates Campaign For St. Mary Medical Center

FlickerLab, the New York-based development, design and animation studio has created IMAGINE (HEART), a 30-second animated spot developed through BeaconFey that promotes a variety of heart procedures available at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

The commercial began airing February 17 in lower and central Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Two additional 30-second spots, IMAGINE (NEUROSCIENCES) and IMAGINE (CANCER), will begin airing May 12 and August 25 respectively. All three are tagged "St. Mary Medical Center. It's your Health. Expect More."

Advanced technologies and procedures put St. Mary in league with the nation's top medical centers for complex heart, cancer and neurological care. St. Mary doctors are using the most advanced technology and performing the most cutting-edge procedures currently available.

"It's your Health, Expect More," is at the center of the St. Mary Medical Center campaign. In the first of the three spots to air, viewers are asked to imagine three different heart procedures that are performed at St. Mary: Stopping deadly heart attacks and strokes with a tiny patch the size of a coin; Repairing or replacing faulty heart valves through just a two-inch incision; and correcting irregular heartbeats with precise radio frequency energy. And we are reminded that every day St. Mary heart specialists solve the most complex cases with advanced procedures never before imagined.

"We chose a simple hand painted illustrated animation style that is pleasing to the eye and allowed us to hit our three goals," explained Harold Moss, Founder/Creative Director of FlickerLab. "We needed to differentiate the St. Mary Medical Center campaign from other hospital or medical advertising, most of which tends to be dry and usually relies on pictures of doctors in hospitals. We had to add value to the spots by communicating real information about complex procedures. And, thirdly, we had to make the campaign emotionally approachable and avoid all the negatives that surgery can conjure."

Holly Hosler, a BeaconFey Account Executive who works with St. Mary, said, "Harold and his team keep arriving at brilliant creative solutions to some pretty sophisticated design and communications problems -- after all, they have to figure out how to depict surgery without any blood or gore -- and I'm always amazed by how quickly they think and execute their ideas."

Patrick Donohue, Director of Marking and Communications at St. Mary Medical Center, said, "The marketing plan and advertising campaign are attracting more patients from zip codes beyond our primary service area, including people who now know St. Mary as a destination hospital for advanced cardiovascular care."


The FlickerLab team included Creative Director/Director Harold Moss; Executive Producer Tammy Walters; Animation Director Phil Lockerby; Art Director/Background Designer/Painter/After Effects Compositor David Michael Friend; Producer Franklin Zitter; 2D Animators Phil Lockerby and Frank DiGregorio and Sound Designer Tom Lino.

FlickerLab utilized Adobe Production Premium CS3, Panic Transmit, PowerMac G5 Computers, iMac Intel Computers, Dell Ultrasharp 24" wide-screen displays, Apple Displays and Wacom Intuos 3 tablets in the execution of this project.

The creative team at BeaconFey included Partner Paul Wingate, Account Executive Holly Hosler, Agency Producer Kristen Landsman, Creative Director/Copywriter Susan Daugherty, Art Director Tracy Kordon and Producer Dana Cole.

Representing St. Mary Medical Center were Director of Marketing and Communications Patrick Donohue and Senior Communicator Kate Smith.