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First Look Images of ‘Puffins’ Starring Johnny Depp

Iervolino Entertainment has released its first peek at their upcoming animated series Puffins, about a group of cute birds; through silly situations and humorous gags, the avian tribe touches on important societal themes that will entertain and engage kids.

Iervolino Entertainment has released a first look at its new 3D animated series, Puffins, starring Johnny Depp. The project was announced back in June and has since begun production.

Depp will lend his voice and characteristics to the mobile-first series about a group of cute little birds; the main characters are five Puffins: Johnny Puff (Depp), Tic and Tac, Didi and Pie. They live with a tribe of puffins in the vast and technological Tana. Stories will range from the bold missions of Otto, to multiple situations related to the small, fun problems of everyday life, addressing the issues of social impact in a childish way.

Puffins will promote important and universal issues such as gender and race equality and environmental protection. The show will use absurd situations and hilarious gags to entertain kids and introduce important themes resonating in society today.

Source: Iervolino Entertainment