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Fired ‘Loud House’ Creator Apologizes in Open Letter

Nickelodeon terminated Chris Savino last week after it received multiple allegations of sexual harassment from female employees. 

‘The Loud House’ creator Chris Savino, fired last week by Nickelodeon after it received multiple allegations Savino had sexually harassed women at the studio, apologized for his actions in a letter posted on his Facebook page.

The Loud House creator Chris Savino has posted a letter on his Facebook page responding to his firing by Nickelodeon last week after multiple allegations of sexual harassment were brought to the network’s attention.

‘The Loud House’ creator Chris Savino was fired after allegations of sexual harassment.

It reads:

I am deeply sorry and I am ashamed.

Although it was never my intention, I now understand that the impact of my actions and communications created an uncomfortable environment. At every stage of my career, I have sought to uplift my colleagues and cultivate a culture of respect. In this objective, I have failed. I should have known better, I should have acted better, and this has been a difficult, but valuable lesson.

I have nothing but the deepest respect for the bravery of the women who have spoken out, trying to create an environment in which they can thrive and reach their fullest potential.



The Loud House has been a ratings success for Nickelodeon, with a movie version slated for a 2020 release.

Source: Facebook 

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