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Fin Design Shares-A-Coke with Fusion CI

Fin Design + Effects and Fusion CI Studios joined forces to create CG elements for the Share-A-Coke ad campaign.

Press Release from Fusion CI Studios:

"Coke bursting from a bottle, launching through the air in elegant, dynamic, sculptured cg splashes — super slow-motion and close-up!"

When Fin Design + Effects, Sydney Australia, heard that sort of directive from their client, Ogilvy, they reached out to Fusion to make it so. Working collaboratively, Fin’s team outlined the overall shapes they wanted to see in the splashes, then Fusion set off creating virtual coke “throws,” working up a palette of shapes.

View the commercial end tag:

If you know & love cg fluids, you’ll know right away why these images are special. Elegant, thin, realistic-looking, close-to-camera splashes are virtually impossible to create in cg without the characteristic, unsightly webbing or marbley look you can get using off-the-shelf software – and delicate tendrils and droplets are unheard of. However, Fusion has vast experience with macro-photography style cg fluids and has developed an extensive library of technologies and methods to not only create, but to sculpt and control cg fluids while maintaining a beautiful, realistic behavior. Even so, the Share-A-Coke project forced Fusion to push its technology to entirely new limits.

Led by vfx supervisor, Mark Stasiuk, Fusion’s team spent hard core r&d time developing its tool-set to achieve greater control on the fine details and pushing the parameters of fluid resolution, surface tension, ambient noise, number, size and break-up of the tendrils, and the thickness of the lip on the margin of the flow. Once the right parameter space achieved the correct level of detail and the right proportions of tendril size to flow-edge lip to flow width, Fusion started throwing fluid around. The results, as you see, are amazing.

With creative feedback & direction from the Fin Design team, Fusion created a library of about 15 elements for Fin to render, comp & finish. Together the two studios “shared-a-coke” and kicked cg fluids up a notch!

About Fusion CI Studios: Co-founded by Lauren Millar & Mark Stasiuk, Fusion CI Studios specializes exclusively in cg fluid & dynamic fx – fire, smoke, liquids & all kinds of particles. Unique in that Fusion often plugs into their clients’ pipelines as an instant, highly-skilled effects team, Fusion uses advanced proprietary tools & technologies that exponentially improve the performance of off-the-shelf software, at a cost that’s comparable to hiring an experienced freelancer. The result? Outstanding, cost-efficient dynamic effects for their clients.

About Fin Design+Effects: Fin is a boutique design and VFX house based in Surry Hills, Sydney. Established in 2001, Fin is home to an award winning close-knit team of VFX Artists and designers.