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Filmakademie Short, ‘The Present,’ Wins 50th Award

Named best short at the 2015 Filem'On-Festival in Brussels, Jacob Frey's diploma project is awarded its 50th distinction on the international festival circuit.

'The Present'

LUDWIGSBURG, Germany -- Jacob Frey's diploma project The Present has just been awarded its 50th distinction on the international festival circuit. The new trophy comes from the Brussels-based Filem'On-Festival (November 1-8, 2015) where The Present won the first prize for Best Short Film.

Frey, who completed his studies as Animation Director at the Institute of Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2014, received notification of his win in Hollywood, where he recently completed the Talent Development Program at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The Present tells the tale of a boy who receives a present, a little disabled dog, and how the two of them first become unlikely and then likely friends. The touching story, which is based on a web comic by Fabio Coala, has already enthused audiences around the globe at more than 150 festivals, winning prizes in Europe, Asia, USA and South America.

The Present is already the second successful project Frey has realized in collaboration with another Institute alumna, Anna Matacz: Matacz was also the Animation and Effects Producer for the hamster adventure Bob (2009) that was screened at more than 250 festivals worldwide.

“My guess is that The Present's success comes from its simple, but strong storyline,” Frey comments on the success of his diploma project and its universal appeal. “The film itself is no longer than three minutes, but it's packed with emotions. What's more, it entertains and surprises the audience.”

The film's economical storytelling did not only resound with the general festival audience. After his studies at the Institute, Frey applied for the popular Talent Development Program at Walt Disney Animation Studios, got accepted and promoted to Apprentice Animator. After receiving a further promotion to Animator, he realized shots for the studio’s CG-animated Zootopia, coming to cinemas in 2016.

“Ever since I started my studies at the Filmakademie, it was always my ultimate goal to join Disney,” says Frey, who is more than happy with the course of his career since his graduation. “I think that if you love your work and if you work hard enough on accomplishing your goal, you can actually make your dreams come true.”

Source: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

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