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Fantawild Unveils Teaser for ‘Boonie Bears: The Wild Life’

Seventh installment of the Boonie Bears franchise coming to Chinese cinemas on the first day of Chinese New Year. 

Chinese animation studio Fantawild has unveiled the teaser trailer for Boonie Bears: The Wild Life, the seventh animated feature film in its Boonie Bears franchise. Since 2014, the studio’s annual film release has coincided with the Spring Festival, resulting in many Chinese families adopting the holiday tradition of going to the cinema to see the newest Boonie Bear movie. The movie is scheduled to hit cinemas in China on January 25, 2020, the first day of the Chinese New Year.

This time, the bear brothers Briar, Bramble, and their human friend Vick embark on an adventure to the Wild Land, where human beings transform into animals with gene-altering bracelets. To add to the adventure, the Wild Land is hosting a competition with a million-dollar prize, which Vick and Bramble decide to enter. They astonishingly win the tournament. Yet soon after, they discover that the hybrid guests are going feral and attacking others...

“Although we have been exploring the genre of science fiction in the past, this is the first time we probed the theme of genetic technology,” shared Fantawild senior director of international business, Allen Lo. “The look of this film is also sleeker. It’s very cinematic and for sure a visual feast.”

The Wild Life is a family film in essence,” added Fantawild head of international office, Daniel Bort. “It explores the nature of happiness and gives us a good laugh, but at the same time, it is also enlightening and makes us think.” 

The Boonie Bears brand has had 300+ billion clicks on digital platforms and produces over $735 million annually in merchandising sales worldwide.

Source: Fantawild