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Fantasia/2000 already filling theaters

The advanced ticket sales for

Disney's IMAX release of FANTASIA/2000 have already seen strong numbers. In

Reuters Magazine, Brian Weisfeld, senior vice president of operations for

Toronto-based IMAX Corp., said advanced ticket sales were as high as

$80,000 in some IMAX-operated theaters versus a more normal $4,000. IMAX,

the owner and franchiser of more than 180 IMAX theaters worldwide, hopes

that FANTASIA/2000 will attract other major films to their eight story

screens. Travis Reed, president of Loews Cineplex Entertainment U.S., said

the three IMAX theaters it operates under a franchise with IMAX, were also

seeing gigantic advance ticket sales such as in New York, which brought in

$225,000, San Francisco, which brought in $100,000, and Chicago which

brought in $70,000. The animated wonders of FANTASIA/2000 are already

intriguing ticket-buyers, hopefully the highly-anticipated flick will draw

other Hollywood spectacles to IMAX screens, which generally only see the

likes of nature and science films.

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