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Fans Create Multiple Petitions to Save Just Cancelled ‘Inside Job’

More than 12 petitions have been created to save the series, axed at Netflix after one season despite a Season 2 renewal; 20,000+ signatures were collected in a single day.

Although creator Shion Takeuchi just recently announced her adult animated series Inside Job has been cancelled after only one season at Netflix, fans are already up in arms. On Monday alone, more thanb 12 petitions were created to save the show, with two in particular garnering more than 20,000 signatures combined.

Brooke Burnett, author of the petition titled “Netflix: Un-Cancel and Renew Inside Job for Season 2!” writes, “This announcement was a shock to many as the show has harkened immeasurable praise for its hilarious yet endearing story, focusing on a cast of diverse characters. […] Adult animation should be allowed to survive amidst the many live-action shows! Animation has potential, and is a beautiful artform that offers avenues for original nuanced storytelling and visuals that live-action cannot directly assimilate.”

Many signers are lamenting the current network cancel culture towards animation, reaffirming that animation is an important cinematic medium. Tanner Thayer of Live Oak, CA noted, “Adult animation beyond Family Guy is extremely important. To cancel a show like Inside Job is an insult the industry, as well as blatantly reprehensible on Netflix's part. Netflix, FINISH WHAT YOU START!!! These shows and these animations are these people's dreams! And for you to take them away like that is awful! Netflix owes the show runners a finished show at least!”

With such a devoted fanbase, Netflix may just take notice. On a hopeful note, Burnett adds, “if it can happen to Tuca [&] Bertie, who knows! There may be hope for Inside Job!” Let’s go Season 2!

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