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Family Guy & PJs Ponder New Nets

FAMILY GUY and THE PJS are among the animated series seeking new network homes for next season. Fox is in early talks with UPN to bring THE FAMILY GUY to the channel. The edgy animation has seen low ratings on Fox, however rates high with young men 18-34, which makes it prefect for the testosterone, targeted TV network, UPN. The only thing hurting the deal is the high price tag dangling from the toon. Fox is also speaking with UPN about sending stop-motion series GARY & MIKE to the network. The show, produced by Big Ticket, was scheduled to debut on Fox this summer. Big Ticket is a small production unit of UPN's parent company, Viacom, which makes the possible purchase positive for both parties. In addition, Fox might lose the neglected THE PJS because owner's Imagine Entertainment is ready to option the show to the WB as soon as next month. However, the Warner Bros. station might balk on the toon due to its reported lofty production costs. THE PJS hasn't aired since it was removed from Fox's Thursday night line-up in October of 1999.

Read Amid Amidi's interview with Mark Gustafson of Will Vinton Studios to find out more about the production process behind THE PJS.

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