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Family Guy Goes Up Late Oscar Night With Rob Corddry

A 10-minute Flash-animated promotional webisode, UP LATE WITH STEWIE & BRIAN, will stream free on MySpace in a talk show parody Feb. 25, 2007, at 8:00 pm. From the Quahog Community Center, its UP LATE WITH STEWIE & BRIAN, features host Stewie Griffin and his martini-swilling sidekick Brian, an all-star FAMILY GUY band and a special appearance by celebrity guest Rob Corddry, plugging his new FOX comedy series, THE WINNER.

UP LATE will begin streaming Oscar night on and remain on the portal indefinitely. Sneak preview clips are currently posted on MySpace, YouTube and other video sites. UP LATE was produced in Flash by Zeek Interactive and Flinch Studio Animation.

Ricky Blitt, former FAMILY GUY writer/creator of THE WINNER, said, "While all of America awaits with baited breath to see if Ryan Gosling wins an Oscar, I hope they'll turn on their computers and watch UP LATE to see Stewie and Brian do skits, interviews and a topical monologue about Leah Remini's genitalia. Yes, UP LATE is a classy tribute to late night talk shows and a love letter to my own parents, though even I'm not sure what the hell that means."

In clever cross-platform promotion for the FOX TV series on the FOX-owned, UP LATE will support the Sunday broadcasts of two Seth MacFarlane-produced FOX comedy series, FAMILY GUY (9:00 pm) and THE WINNER (premiering March 4 at 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm).

As a studio we need to capitalize on emerging platforms for the marketing of our series, remarked 20th Century Fox TV president Dana Walden. Given the shared auspices of FAMILY GUY and THE WINNER, we created an environment ripe for parody where the stars of the two shows could comedically interact.