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Experience 3D Audio with Sketchfab’s ‘Lily & Snout’

Director Tim Rudder and producer Bobby Beck led a team of artists in partnership with studio platform Artella to create the animated WebVR short.

NEW YORK -- 3D-content publishing platform creator Sketchfab, Inc. has gained one million Sketchfab platform users, released its new mobile app and has now announced the ability to add traditional (2D) and 3D-positional audio to any scene on Sketchfab, opening an entirely new dimension for interactive 3D and VR delivery.

To celebrate the launch -- in partnership with the virtual studio platform Artella -- Sketchfab has gathered an incredible team of industry professionals from Disney, Pixar, and Weta to create Lily & Snout, the world’s first animated short in WebVR. Led by director Tim Rudder and producer Bobby Beck, the team combined additional talented artists from the Sketchfab community.

The addition of sound opens up opportunities for online animation in interactive 3D and VR, and adds a rich layer to hundreds of other use cases on the platform. The British Museum, for example, has leveraged the addition of sound to add tour guide audio to select pieces from their digital collection, and Madfinger games brought sound to their characters from their upcoming title Shadowgun Legends.

To learn more and see more examples, and to experience Lily & Snout in 3D or VR, head over to the Artella blog announcement.

Source: Sketchfab