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Exclusive ‘Robot Chicken’ Musical Clip: The Daily Joy of Life in Feudal France!

Missing limbs and whimsical despair abound as Belle serenades her ‘beloved, disgusting town’ in this hilarious ‘Beauty and the Beast’ takeoff, from the upcoming episode airing Sunday, October 13 on Adult Swim.  

Take a break from yet another day of passionate, hand-wringing concern for the fate of humanity and spend a fast 1:25 enjoying the utter brilliance of this musical number tease from the upcoming Sunday, October 13 episode of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. In the sketch, a savage spoof of Beauty and the Beast, and what passes for life in feudal France, a vibrant, joyous Belle prances through her “beloved, disgusting town,” serenading a host of smiling, sometimes limbless, often dead or dying villagers. Care to slake your thirst with a cool sip from a fetid well? Hit me with another… neat! Très magnifique!

Hope you enjoy...

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.