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EXCLUSIVE: Director Salvador Simó Talks Making of ‘Buñuel In the Labyrinth of The Turtles’

In this video featurette, the director discusses his decision to use animation over live-action as well as his approach to capturing actors’ performances, on his film about Luis Buñuel's famous documentary, ‘Las Hurdes: Land Without Bread.’

GKIDS has provided AWN readers with an exclusive featurette where director Salvador Simó talks about the making of his acclaimed animated feature, Buñuel In the Labyrinth of The Turtles. In the interview, Simó discusses his approach to making the film, specifically the decision to use animation rather than live-action, as well as the dynamics of recording his actors and how his filmmaking team tried to capture the “feel” of Las Hurdes, the impoverished region of Spain so isolated that bread was unknown.

Simó’s "stranger-than-fiction" animated feature will hit select theatres in Los Angeles and New York theaters on August 16. The film tells the true story behind the creation of Luis Buñuel's legendary documentary, Las Hurdes: Land Without Bread.  A fascinating episode in cinematic history, the film uses sensitive performances as well as excerpts from Buñuel's filmography to present a deeply affecting and humanistic portrait of an artist hunting for his purpose.

Paris, 1930, the infamous surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel is left penniless after the scandalous release of L'Age d'Or leads to a falling out with collaborator Salvador Dalí. On a whim, Buñuel's good friend, sculptor Ramón Acín, buys a lottery ticket and promises to devote his winnings to fund Buñuel's next film. Incredibly, Ramón wins the jackpot, sending the two friends to the remote mountains of their native Spain to film the documentary Las Hurdes: Land Without Bread. Driven by mad artistic impulse and haunted by childhood memories, Buñuel must confront the specter of mortality looming over the lives of his subjects and his own.

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Source: GKIDS