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Exclusive Clips: ‘Killers of The Cosmos - The Case of the Death Ray’

“Game of Thrones' star Aidan Gillen takes the audience through the awe-inspiring and sometimes frightening mysteries of space; in the new episode viewers are asked ‘do you feel lucky?’ as the show explores an ominous threat from above – the death of a star likened to a blindfolded sniper with Earth as its target.

The Science Channel has shared exclusive clips from the next episode of their new series, Killers of The Cosmos, “The Case of the Death Ray,” coming this Sunday, October 3 at 9PM ET/PT on the Science Channel and streaming on discovery+.

The show looks at the awe-inspiring threats and wonders of space, exploring supermassive black holes, deadly gamma-ray bursts, rogue asteroids, dark energy, supernovas, and the feelings of unease they can stir. Episodes take a film-noir approach to these threats, mixing scripted, animated drama, and top experts in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, biology, cosmology, and planetary science.

Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones, The Wire) takes the role of a sleuth in each episode. Aided by a mysterious informant, he gathers evidence and investigates each disaster-in-the-making via a wide range of experts who’ve studied some of science’s most unbelievable wonders – watch the “Cold Open - Killers of the Cosmos” clip from the next episode:

“The Case of the Death Ray” looks at an ominous threat from above. When a massive star dies it can direct a blast of radiation that would obliterate life on Earth. It’s been likened to a blindfolded sniper, leaving a daunting question: Do you feel lucky?

Check out the clip “Gamma Ray Bursts & Hypernovas - Killers of the Cosmos”

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Killers Of the Cosmos is produced by Wall to Wall Media Ltd for Bilibili (Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd) and Discovery, Inc. For Wall to Wall, executive producers are Tim Lambert and Jeremy Dear, series producer is Nigel Paterson. For Discovery, executive producers are Caroline Perez, Abram Sitzer and Wyatt Channell.

Source: Science Channel