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Exclusive Clip: ‘Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go’

Launching October 29 on Netflix, the all-new, reimagined classic franchise series from Mattel Television follows the playful tank engine with four new engine friends learning to solve problems together.

Choo Choo! Yes, had to say it, because Mattel Television’s all-new reimagination of the classic Thomas & Friends franchise, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, hits Netflix tomorrow, October 29. Produced in partnership with Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana Studio, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go features an entirely new storytelling approach, vibrant 2D animation, and a collection of fun new characters that will inspire today’s audiences. Choo Choo indeed!

The new series follows Thomas, more playful and relatable than ever before, as the hero of his own adventure; he strives to be the Number One Tank Engine through trial and error, all while just enjoying being a kid. Of course, Thomas will always have his friends by his side for every adventure. Each episode includes a life lesson important for preschool-age children, such as facing fears, being a good friend, and learning that you don’t always have to solve problems alone.

To tease tomorrow’s debut, Mattel has shared with AWN an exclusive clip, “Thomas & the Missing Cargo”:

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go’s new format includes a greater range of character expressiveness, more physical comedy and music, and core characters that are now kids themselves, voiced by kid actors. The upbeat and colorful show is crafted to appeal to contemporary audiences’ sensibilities while maintaining Thomas’ core message about the value of friendship.

The show incorporates 26 social-emotional, cognitive, and physical life lessons throughout, including friendship, taking turns, teamwork, self-help, and empathy. Thomas will be center stage; we will see the world through his young eyes as he strives to be the Number One Tank Engine through trial and error, all while just enjoying being a kid.

“This new creative direction for the classic Thomas & Friends franchise is crafted to appeal to contemporary audiences, yet still maintain the beloved characters’ core ethos: the value of friendship.”

According to Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mattel Television, “Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go features stories that are both timeless and timely,  with themes that will resonate with children, parents and caregivers alike.”

“We can’t wait for the next generation of fans to meet Thomas and his friends,” added Christopher Keenan, Senior Vice President, Global Content & Executive Producer, Mattel Television. “In Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, we aim for audiences to have fun as we expand the world of Sodor in new and exciting ways.”

Thomas is joined on the show by four new engines:

  • Percy - Thomas’ best friend who loves telling silly jokes, Percy has a lot of hidden courage (that not even he’s aware of!) and will do anything to help his friends.
  • Nia - Nia is an engine who loves a good plan, offering both creative and practical solutions. Because Nia is so well travelled, she often has valuable insight into things the other engines haven’t seen before.
  • Diesel - Diesel is always trying to one-up Thomas and inadvertently causes trouble for everyone in his quest to be “the real Number One Tank Engine.”
  • Kana - An all-new electric high-speed rail train, she is fast talking, loves to race and creates gusts of wind that blow windmills and bend trees in her wake.

Fred Soulie (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) and Christopher Keenan (Thomas & Friends) serve as executive producers for Mattel, with Pam Westman, Colin Bohm and Doug Murphy (Corn & Peg) executive producing for Nelvana. The show was developed by Rick Suvalle (Mission Force One). The animation is produced by Nelvana Studio.

Source: Mattel Television

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