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Escape Velocity Launches Two Series with Jetavana

‘Kim and Jim’s Wormhole’ and ‘Wool Wool Town’ are in production and will premiere later this year.

'Kim and Jim's Wormhole' and 'Wool Wool Town' are in production and will premiere later this year.

BEIJING -- Jetavana Entertainment and Escape Velocity Animation Studio announced Jan. 24 two original children's animation brands: Kim and Jim’s Wormhole and Wool Wool Town, both of which are in production and will premiere this year.

Ivy Zhong, the founder, chairman and president of Jetavana Entertainment, says the co-operation between Escape Velocity Studio and Jetavana is based on their common value system and brand positioning. The original projects are aimed at both local and interntional markets.

Wang Lei, the director and the creative director of Escape Velocity Studio, says the studio will focus on production and seeks to create and integrate its animation with live performances, interactive entertainment and education to build a 3D children's content brand.

Kim and Jim’s Wormhole (26 x 22) tells the story of two children are living in China who have created a space-time tunnel through which ancient extinct creatures frequently visit their home and school. It’s one of the first animated comedies that focuses on contemporary Chinese family life.

Lei says the studio invited Dan Wicksman, Nuria Wicksman, Don Gillies, Sib Ventress and many other talents who have worked for Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network to participate in story development and writing the English versions of the scripts. The characters are designed by well-known Korean talent Kim Sung Jae and the theme song, "I Wanna Be With You," is created by singer Patrick Wei Jun.

Kim and Jim’s Wormhole earned top marks in the Ottawa International Animation Festival’s Pitch This! and was a finalist in the ATF Animation Production Competition in Singapore.

Wool Wool Town (52 x 7) is a fairytale themed show for children ages 3-6. The story follows the fox, zebras, sleepy elephants and baby crocodiles living in the Wool Wool Town, which is often bothered by foreign objects (rubbish from the human world). The Wool Wool Town buddies try to transform these objects into playful toys and useful tools.

Wool Wool Town has a picture-book style and seeks to create at an early age environmental awareness and a sense of cooperation with peers. It will be the first domestic Chinese children's animation series that integrate pop music, using popular songs from artists such as Jay Chou, performed by the young members of the Poly Kiddy Chorus.

Jetavana and Escape Velocity Animation Studios in China are producing 'Wool Wool Town,' a pro-environmental series for kids 3-6.

Escape Velocity also revealed initial details of three more original animation projects: A martial-arts themed show for young audiences called Legend Three, directed by Cao Runze; and the science-fiction action series Tacit Blue, directed by Duan Wenyi, will be released in the fall. The series Panda Squad, directed by Wang Lei and Liu Keling, aimed at middle-school students, will be produced for early 2019.

Source: Jetavana, Escape Velocity Animation Studios

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