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Epic Story Media Brings Two New Co-Productions to MIPCOM

Recent BRON Ventures investment helps ESM launch new ‘Dolph-N-Fince’ and ‘Haley & The Hero Heart’ franchises. 

TORONTO -- Ken Faier’s independent production company, Epic Story Media (ESM), has signed major co-production agreements for two new animated series, Dolph-N-Fince and Haley & The Hero Heart, which both make their international debut at MIPCOM. The deals follow ESM’s recent investment from Vancouver-based production and finance entity BRON Ventures.

Dolph-N-Fince is a co-production with Canadian independent Neptoon Studios, headed by award-winning Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton (Looped, Grojband, Sidekick) and Paris-based Samka Animation (Jamie’s Got Tentacles, The Marsupilami, The Sisters).

Aimed at children aged 5-12, Dolph-N-Fince (52 x 11’) is a “fish out of water” comedy about dolphin brothers who leave the ocean forever to live on land as guardians of Ocean King’s rebellious teenage daughter. The boys’ over-the-top personalities lead to crazy misadventures that always put Coral in the danger zone. If they blow this, their freedom and dolphin souls are “on the line.”

Haley & The Hero Heart (52 x 11’) is a co-production with Mowrer Meta-Story, headed by Kevin Mowrer. Aimed at girls aged 4-8, the series follows the adventures and life of Haley Commett, a young girl just turning 7 years old. Haley is a girl with an extra helping of emotions that often get her into trouble. This all changes for Haley when she is handed down a magical bracelet from her mother, The Hero Heart, which allows her to channel her feelings and transform into a helping hero. With each issue faced, The Hero Heart transforms Haley’s world into a big adventure which will help everyone grow up a little more along the way.

“ESM’s raison d’etre is to work with creative companies to build creator driven kids’ franchises,” Faier commented. “These first two co-productions are a perfect example of the projects we will be producing – creative, fun, distinctive animation with a global appeal. We look forward to securing broadcast deals at MIPCOM.”

ESM will maintain global rights for distribution and merchandise management for both Haley & The Hero Heart alongside Dolph-N-Fince.

Faier, who launched ESM in 2017, previously served as SVP and executive producer at DHX Media, following their 2014 purchase of Nerd Corps Entertainment, where he served as El Presidente.

Source: Epic Story Media