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Epic Games Releases Free City and Sculpture Asset Downloads from FILFURY Short

Watch: ‘Unreal for All Creators' project by artist/director and his team at The Mill showcases real-time production tools for creators in games, film & television, architecture, and automotive; key assets used in the short’s production now available for download.  

Earlier this year, Epic Games commissioned artist/director FILFURY and his team at The Mill to make a short brand film using Unreal Engine. That animated short film, Unreal for All Creators, showcases the limitless possibilities open to creators from industries as diverse as games, film & television, architecture, and automotive. To support the growing group of artists and studios using Unreal Engine’s real-time tools in new, innovative ways, Epic Games has just released as free downloads both the city asset and sculpture asset used in the film’s creation. They’ve also made available an informative “Behind the Scenes” video as well.

Spend a few minutes and watch both Unreal for All Creators and Behind the Scenes on Unreal for All Creators.