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Entertainment Rights’ Agency Business Has New Deals

Entertainment Rights Plc signed a number of significant licensing deals across its third party brands, demonstrating ERs ongoing commitment and strength in the licensing agency business.

Cascata, a leading provider of mobile phone content and games, has signed a deal to produce interactive games, screensavers, wallpapers and ring tones based on the award-winning animated children's classic show, THE TRAP DOOR. The show, which consistently attracts large viewing figures on Channel Four, Nickelodeon and BSKYB in the U.K., has been signed up by Pyramid Posters to produce a collection of posters, and CID to create a selection of ironic T-Shirts.

GE Fabri have launched a new part work, "Mr Bean's Amazing A to Z", supported by a heavyweight TV advertising campaign that will see Mr Bean help children explore the world through the use of the alphabet. SharpCards is set to produce a series of MR BEAN mobile phone picture messages designed for holidays and other special occasions and Cascata is developing MR BEAN interactive games, screensavers and wallpapers.

Just in time for Valentines Day, LOVE HEARTS is launching five new lines of silver message jewelry from Solar, a range of ladies gift jewelry exclusively for H Samuel from D Gaventa and, exclusively for Marks and Spencer, silver cufflinks created by Meller Design. Cascata is developing a range of mobile phone screensavers and wallpapers and SharpCards are creating new and innovative M-Cards that will see LOVE HEARTS messages making their way into the mobile communications market.

"These new deals not only highlight our ability to work successfully across a broad range of third party brands but also demonstrate our close working partnerships with our various principals," said Anya Hollis, ERs director of marketing and consumer products (