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Enter Your Realtime Virtual 3D Films in Machinima 2003

The Machinima Film Festival 2003 New York, New York, USAOctober 25, 2003Deadline: September 15, 2003

The Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences will hold the Machinima Film Festival, which celebrates films made within a realtime virtual 3D environment (i.e. 3D game engine). The early submission deadline is August 1, 2003 and the final deadline is September 15, 2003. Last years films included DEAD ON QUE'S FAKE SCIENCE (Best Visual Design), MILITIA II (Best Sound), Mike Beery's THIN ICE (Best Direction), and Jake Hughes' ANACHRONOX: THE MOVIE (Best Writing and Best Picture) The Academy will once again present the one-day festival, screening Machinima films throughout the day beginning at 11:00 am, culminating with the awards at 7:00 pm. Awards include Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Virtual Performance (puppeteering, scripted animations, voice-acting), Best Visual Design (art direction, modeling, texture design, set/level design), Best Sound (music, sound effects, sound editing), Best Editing, Best Technical Achievement, Best Independent Film (Machinima produced for under $5,000), Best Commercial/Game Machinima and the Honorary Award for significant contribution to the Machinima medium. For more information, e-mail or visit

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