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Engine Room’s QuickFX Takes High-End VFX Services to the Cloud

Custom cloud-based platform allows content producers to manage most projects on their mobile device.

HOLLYWOOD – Los Angeles VFX studio Engine Room has launched, a cloud-based service platform, bringing low cost, high-end visual effects services to content producers everywhere.

“QuickFX is our online platform for managing custom visual effects projects through the cloud, allowing those both inside and outside of the entertainment industry to tap into our pipeline and get their VFX shots done fast, at a great price, at industry level,” commented Engine Room founder Dan Schmit.

Engine Room produces thousands of visual effects shots each year for movie studios, broadcast, streaming networks and advertising. “The overarching end goal of QuickFX is to deliver great work, fast and affordable, making Hollywood production more globally competitive and to help to reverse the decades-long flight of specifically visual effects postproduction work from Hollywood,” Schmit added.

“Through the QuickFX approach, we’re lowering costs and allowing Hollywood artists to compete in today’s international market,” he continued. “In this business, artist selection is critical, so clients get the advantage of knowing that we are going to choose the right veteran team for their project, hand selected from our deep Hollywood talent pool of close to 1000 artists. Those experienced in VFX production know that the right artist might get the job done in two hours; but the wrong choice can take two weeks and never get it right. So, it’s all about the talent, which we have an abundance of, here in LA.” 

Much of, which runs on AWS on a custom cloud-based software platform, can be managed on a mobile device. It is a complete ecosystem from client to artist, allowing content makers to launch and access their projects from any computer to get fast VFX quotes, greenlight jobs, review shots and receive final delivery files.

“While there are other platforms out there for VFX production, QuickFX as a service and management interface is specifically focused on both the production side and the business side of VFX,” Schmit explained.  “Jobs can be any size, from one shot to a hundred or more. We even have an e-commerce component allowing users to pay with credit card or purchase order, without ever leaving the site.”

Once registered, content makers are prompted to identify where he or she is in the production process - pre-production or post - then they are directed to upload the specific information needed for their quote. If in pre-production or shooting, this includes scripts or storyboards. If in post, actual shot files are easily uploaded and dropped directly into the virtual pipeline.

According to Schmit, “While QuickFX is primarily a VFX shot execution platform, anyone making content from movie productions, to series, to advertising or even YouTube videos, at any stage of production can get a free quote within a few hours.”

Once shots are green lit by a user, they immediately kick into production. “Everyone is working within the same interface, from clients to the VFX artists ultimately executing the work,” noted Schmit. “Custom VFX services include cinema level compositing of green/blue screen, screen replacements, 3D CGI effects, light effects, fire, light, explosions, crowd duplications, cosmetic work, paint effects, sign replacement, set extensions, sky and weather continuity, custom graphics over picture, virtually any kind of digital compositing. We believe that QuickFX points to the future of what VFX production and the VFX business will become, which is why we have made such a huge bet in developing it.”

Having organically grown the QuickFX platform on the tough lessons learned from running a fast paced VFX compositing pipeline, Engine Room has introduced a new option to the production market that allows content producers anywhere to seriously up their game.

Referring to the treacherous nature of the VFX industry, Schmit concluded, “We are especially excited to have built a bridge to reach and service the growing ‘blue ocean’ of content producers, beyond the bloody waters of heavy competition in the LA entertainment post market.”

In the past few years, a studio security movement pertaining to pre-release content has become a requirement for anyone working in the entertainment industry. Schmit expressed pride in both Engine Room’s and QuickFX’s adherence to this strict standard and the designation of Disney-Marvel content security-approval.  

For additional information, visit the QuickFX website.

Source: Engine Room