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Emily Brundige’s ‘Goldie’ Awarded Best of Fest at LAAF 2019

75 winners, both students and professionals, were honored at this year’s Los Angeles Animation Festival.

The Los Angeles Animation Festival (LAAF) wrapped up its 2019 edition this past Sunday evening with an awards ceremony featuring 75 winners in various categories, both student and professional. The event was emceed by actor/comedian Adam Sartain in conjunction with the festival directors John Andrews and Miles Flanagan. ASIFA-Hollywood president, Jerry Beck, was feted as this year’s festival honoree.

The festival also announced the launch of its partnership with FilmFest Distribution, which will give all filmmakers a shot at worldwide distribution under the LAAF banner. Plans include the distribution of an anthology feature in the coming months.

LAAF 2019 Award Winners

  • “The Best of the Fest Award” went to Goldie, a short created by Emily Brundige whose past credits include the Shut Up! Cartoons series Pubertina for YouTube.
  • The first-place winner for “Best Character-Based Short” was The Bird and The Whale, directed by Irish animator Carol Freeman.
  • “Best Student Character-Based Short” went to Out of Water by L Byrley.

Other winners include:

Character Based Short

  • Silver: Spirit of The Drowning Girls:
  • Bronze: Cosmos Express 

Student Character Based Short

  • Silver: Shoot the Moon
  • Bronze: GO! Go!

Animated Pilot

  • Winner: Berkowitz

Short from A Series

  • Pawla Dean’s White House Kitchen

Animated Documentary

  • Winner: Minor Accident of War
  • Silver: A Certain Kind of Love 

Student Animated Documentary

  • Winner: Thread
  • Silver: I Never Picked Cotton

Humanitarian Award


Comedy Short

  • Winner: Mini Cops Winner
  • Silver: Moon Dogs 

Best LA First-time Filmmaker Sponsored by FILM FEST DISTRIBUTION

  • Turtles Hurdle Local Hero

International Short:

  • Winner: Falafel Cart

International Student Short

  • Winner: Petty Thing


  • Winner: “Dulux – Colour Your Home”

Experimental Short

  • Winner: The Physics of Sorrow
  • Silver: Passage
  • Bronze: 24

Student Experimental Short

  • Winner: Cage
  • Silver: There Were Four of Us
  • Bronze: Reincarnation

Music Video

  • Winner: Kishi Bashi – Violin Tsunami
  • Silver: …And Then She Kissed Me
  • Bronze: Itchy Teeth - Invisible

Experimental Music Video

  • Winner: Last Meal by BIG BILL
  • Silver: Wash

Goldie Winner: Children’s Animation

  • Winner: Why Z?
  • Silver: Ace

First-Time Filmmaker

  • Winner: Saturated
  • Silver: Race to The Finish
  • Bronze: Lost at Shore

R.I.P. Perfect Combo Award for Excellence

  • R.I.P.

 Animated Vines

  • Winner: Anti Bully Vines – Cartoon Network

 Parallax Studioworks Award for Excellence

  • On the Road

Character Design

  • Winner: Goldie


  • Winner: Ripple Home
  • Silver: Levers
  • Bronze: Riptide

Student Design

  • Winner: Bear Hunter
  • Silver: One of a Kind
  • Bronze: Bounty

Ensemble Cast

  • Winner: The Grind

Student Animation

  • Winner: Push
  • Silver: Trash Panda
  • Bronze: The Audition

Gonzo Animation

  • Winner: Liquid Death

Student Gonzo Animation

  • Winner: Ben & Kat Or Kat & Ben Go to Little Lake Fountain

Special Laaf Jury Award

  • Asteroid Season

Stop-Motion Animation

  • Winner: Sylvia
  • Silver: Moth
  • Bronze: Tragic Magic

Student Stop-Motion Animation

  • Winner: Fire Flower
  • Silver: S.O.S. – A Stop Motion Music Video
  • Bronze: Moffat

Award for Excellence in Stop Motion

  • Candy Filmfest

 Student Motion Graphics

  • Winner: Butterfly

FILMFEST Award for Excellence

  • The Peak

Student CGI Animation

  • Winner: Fierce

Music Score

  • Winner: SITARA

Produced Screenplay

  • Winner: SITARA

Unproduced Feature Screenplay

  • Winner: The Oak of Dendriata
  • Silver: Clayton Cadaver

Unproduced Short Screenplay

  • Winner: Braving the Night

FILMFEST Award for Excellence in 2D Animation

  • Between the Shadows

Audience Award

  • Honest Bean

FILMFEST Award for Excellence in Motion Graphics

  • Sex Recession

FILMFEST Award for Excellence in Student Animation

  • Don’t Croak

FILMFEST Award for Excellence in Design


FILMFEST Award for Excellence in Music Video Animation

  • Sad Heart

 FILMFEST Special Jury Award

  • Waters of March

Prizes included software from ToonBoom, Daz 3D and HueHD Studio.

Source: Los Angeles Animation Festival