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Em.Entertainment Agrees To VOD

EM.Entertainment has secured an extensive co-operation in the VOD sector with Berlin-based CLA (Content Licensing Agency), Europe's largest VOD digital distribution service provider.

Within the scope of the agreement, CLA will operate on behalf of EM.Entertainment to market and distribute extensive program packages to broad coverage VOD portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Within the German-speaking region, a program package will offer VOD portals such as those from Arcor (, HanseNet Telekommunikation (, video rental chain Video Buster Entertainment Group Holding (, as well as white label providers Nowtilus ( and in2movies (

The package will include classics EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES, THE FLYING CLASSROOM and HELLO SPENCER, as well as current series ART ALIVE and THE SLEEPOVER CLUB and other children's and youth entertainment programs.

In Great Britain and Northern Ireland, CLA will also take over the distribution of a portfolio of well known shows such as VICKY THE VIKING, MAJA THE BEE, HEIDI and TABALUGA, plus Astrid Lindgren titles like PIPPI LONGSTOCKING and MICHAEL FROM LONNEBERGA to VOD platforms such as BTVision (, as well as white label provider Arts Alliance Media (