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Education of a Comics Artist Hits Bookshelves

As comics studies have become much more complex and sophisticated, a wealth of resources has been compiled into a new, provocative anthology, THE EDUCATION OF A COMICS ARTIST, edited by Michael Dooley and Steven Heller and published by Allworth Press. This portable comics convention offers insights from pros into the booming changing comics field.

The books essays and interviews provide diverse, in-depth views of the art, business and history of comics art. Chapters cover the full range of genres, from editorial cartoons and comics strips, to superhero sagas and alternative comics. Other topics include comics as a means of personal expression; the role of comic art in related fields such as animation, design and illustration; lesson plans by top teachers; and essays on how to thrive and grow as a comics artist, even as the medium itself continues to evolve.

Comics have undergone dramatic transformations in recent years, with a newfound legitimacy demonstrated by literary awards and museum exhibitions honoring comics artists, as well as prestigious colleges that once scorned comics as a lesser art form now have degree programs and packed classrooms.

Editors Dooley and Heller intend for the book to inspire ways to teach, think, and talk about comics. Teaching comics is, in large part, about planting seeds of knowledge and experience, they observe. This volume will introduce the neophyte, as well as expand the horizons of the seasoned pro.

Contributors to THE EDUCATION OF A COMICS ARTIST include more than 60 accomplished, award-winning professionals, educators and critics, such as:

Jessica Abel, Ho Che Anderson, Tony Auth, Bart Beaty, Monte Beauchamp, Colin Berry, Nicholas Blechman, Peter Blegvad, Steve Brodner, Paul Buhle, Kim Deitch, Will Eisner, Robert Fiore, Rick Geary, Bill Griffith, R.C. Harvey, David Heatley, Todd Hignite, Nicole Hollander, Dan James, Chip Kidd, Paul Krassner, Tim Kreider, Rich Kreiner, Joe Kubert, Peter Kuper, Heidi MacDonald, David Mack, Stan Mack, Matt Madden, Bob Mankoff, Barbara McClintock, Scott McCloud. Dave McKean, Rick Meyerowitz, Dan Nadel, Mark Newgarden, Dennis O'Neil, Gary Panter, Joel Priddy, Bill Randall, David Rees, Eric Reynolds, Leonard Rifas, Trina Robbins, Roger Sabin, David Sandlin, Ben Sargent, Marjane Satrapi, Arlen Schumer, Bill Sienkiewicz, Elwood Smith, Art Spiegelman, Tom Spurgeon, Mark Alan Stamaty, Ted Stearn, Jim Steranko, Barron Storey, James Sturm, Ward Sutton, Gunnar Swanson, Teal Triggs, Robert Williams, Chris Ware and Craig Yoe.

THE EDUCATION OF A COMICS ARTIST can be found in bookstores for $19.95, or it can be ordered directly from the publisher by calling 1-800-491-2808, or by going online to where you will find a full description, a table of contents, and reviews. It is distributed to the trade by Watson-Guptill Publications, 1-800-451-1741.

Dooley is a Los Angeles-based creative director, educator and research consultant. He designs and supervises projects for clients such as Disney and Cartoon Network. A contributing editor to PRINT magazine, he has written numerous features and essays about the comics medium for various publications.

New York City-based Heller, the editor of the EDUCATION OF series, is the art director of the NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW and co-chair of the graduate design program at the School of Visual Arts. He is also author or editor of more than 90 books on graphic design.