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E*D Studio’s New Plugin Converts 2D Drawings to 3D

PSD to 3D streamlines animation by turning sketches into moldable scenes using simple tools a novice can use

MONTREAL – Animation studio E*D Films has announced the release of PSD to 3D, a new plugin that converts 2D drawings into 3D content. Artists with little to no 3D experience can now bypass the modeling phase, turning Photoshop sketches into moldable scenes and characters, ready for animation.

Art + tech director, Daniel Gies, E*D Films, commented, “An illustrated look is hard to replicate in 3D, even if you know the software. With PSD to 3D, every line and brush stroke is passed onto the 3D meshes, so artists can bring a unique look to their animations.”

PSD to 3D was developed in-house at the Montreal-based studio. The production-grade converter is simple enough that a 3D novice can start converting Photoshop drawings and paintings within minutes. After conversion, the 3D objects will be available within Autodesk Maya for tweaks, including depth and resolution. All objects correspond to the original Photoshop layers, giving artists an easy way to build up and adjust scenes and characters.

The new plugin replaces an outdated After Effects method that often requires artists to produce hundreds of layers to achieve a 3D look. Since After Effects wasn’t made to be a 3D engine, the process is slow and difficult, lacking the real-time speed that most artists use to iterate effectively. With PSD to 3D, a simple conversion makes all of Maya’s tools available in minutes, helping artists animate much faster.

To mark the launch, E*D Films has prepared a short demo demonstrating how artists can start using PSD to 3D on their animated projects today.

Also in the pipeline for release are eight new production assets including custom sound bundles, handy scripts, workflow helpers and special assets like sparkles, fog and bugs. These items join a growing list of tools, brushes and animated aids already available from E*D Films.

PSD to 3D is available in two versions that cater to artists with different levels of 3D experience. More information on pricing and availability is available here.

Source: E*D Films