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EA Releases ‘Battlefield Hazard Zone’ Trailer

Electronic Art’s Marcom Game Capture team’s multi-disciplinary approach gives fans the intensity of in-game play with a look at the upcoming November 19 release of ‘Battlefield 2042’s third distinct multiplayer experience, ‘Hazard Zone.’

Electronic Arts' Marcom Game Capture division has shared their latest trailer for EA and DICE’s launch of Hazard Zone, the third distinct multiplayer mode of Battlefield 2042. The group of game capture artists have multi-disciplinary backgrounds in photography and cinematography, graphic design, compositing, editing, and coding; the team creates graphic in-game video scenes and screenshots that appear in all the company’s marketing campaigns.

Hazard Zone, an “all-new, high-stakes, squad-based game-type for the franchise that combines edge-of-your-seat gameplay with the best of the Battlefield sandbox that players have experienced for nearly two decades,” launches November 19

The teams’ high-profile trailers include the NHL 22 reveal trailer, FIFA 22 HyperMotion, Madden Land and the all-new Battlefield Hazard Zone trailer for the highly anticipated debut of Battlefield 2042. The Game Capture division also generates trailers and marketing assets for FIFA, Madden, Star Wars: Battlefront and many other franchises, along with in-game assets for all EA game and sports titles.

On high-profile EA game titles, including the new trailer for Battlefield Hazard Zone, Game Capture works hand in hand with EA’s cinematics artists, who create the scripted scenes in between gameplay. The collaboration insures the two different worlds of in-game capture and cinematics intersect seamlessly.

Check out the trailer for Battlefield Hazard Zone:

For EA Sports titles, game capture artists watch real world sports for inspiration, and sometimes try to replicate real world plays in the video game world, playing the game and building out cameras to showcase highlights, then perfecting them through proper angles, framing and compositing.

The artists also work closely with EA’s game screenshot team, led by senior screenshot artist Petri Levälahti, screenshot artist Ben Barber, and capture artist sports Simon McAuliffe, who create marketing screenshots by building and composing scenes in FrostEd software, using the game assets created by the game development team. Assets are generated daily. The screenshot team scouts locations within the game levels and uses character animations from the game and the cinematic trailers to pose the characters, give them weapons and weapon mods, and add VFX like smoke and explosions.

The Game Capture team’s mission is to showcase the game play of all EA titles. The marketing assets are generated directly from the video games to reproduce the intensity of playing each title. The team has hubs in Vancouver and Orlando, Florida, and artists in outposts around the world.

Source: Electronic Arts