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e-on Software Announces LumenRT 4.3

e-on Software announces the availability of LumenRT 4.3, an update which includes new content library containing 80 new real-time optimized plants.

Beaverton, OR -- E-on software announced the immediate availability of LumenRT 4.3. Available as a free upgrade for all LumenRT 4 users, this update includes a new content library containing 80 new, real-time optimized plants.

Built using e-on’s groundbreaking Plant Factory technology, these plants offer exceptional real-time performance allowing large populations of thousands of instances to be created. Included in the library are a variety of new Hardwood, Evergreen and Broadleaf trees along with an extended set of bushes, shrubs and flowers.

"LumenRT 4.3 allows our customers to enjoy some of the benefits of our Plant factory technology packaged as a library that can be used directly inside the leading CAD and GIS systems and transferred seamlessly into LumenRT," explained e-on software CEO Nicholas Phelps."Over the coming months, we will be introducing a number of significant enhancements to LumenRT that leverage our rich portfolio of Immersive Nature technologies while providing deeper CAD/GIS connectivity and capabilities."

Seamlessly integrated into ESRI CityEngine (the leading solution for City Planning and Urban Design), LumenRT GeoDesign adds rich natural elements including wind-blown plants and trees, moving vehicles, animated people, lights, water, and skies directly to CityEngine scenes. Then, with a single command, the entire scene is transformed into an immersive, interactive LiveCube allowing clients, customers, contractors, and colleagues to explore designs in vivid photorealistic 3D.

LumenRT 4 Studio is the most comprehensive system for transforming 3D models and designs into rich, nature-filled videos, images and real-time immersive experiences. Developed by the leading provider of natural scenery technology for the CG and movie industry, e-on software’s LumenRT 4 Studio delivers breathtaking realism, superior performance and ground-breaking ease of use.

The primary value proposition of LumenRT Immersive Nature is to win business by packaging ideas and designs into compelling stories. With LumenRT, ideas come alive and designs are more fully understood by all participants. By presenting and sharing a more complete design experience, LumenRT users have reported transformative results with higher client win percentages, improved quality, and fewer downstream errors.

Source: E-on Software

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