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e-on Announces LumenRT 4.1 Studio

e-on announces the availability of LumenRT 4.1 Studio, which features extended capabilities for large microstation models and Revit.

Beaverton, OR -- e-on software announced the immediate availability of LumenRT 4.1 Studio.

LumenRT 4.1 Studio adds several important improvements including:

  • Enhanced support forexporting larger Bentley MicroStation models
  • New animated watermaterials – ocean, sea, lake, pond
  • Improved Revit exportwith more complete textures
  • Export of point lightsfrom Revit
  • Improved Mac performance

Current LumenRT Studio users can download this update directly from their e-on software account page.

LumenRT 4 Studio will be demonstrated at the Bentley Learning Conference in Philadelphia, PA this week. Feel free to drop by and see how LumenRT can create stunning Immersive Nature scenery at the press of a single button using models from the world’s leading AEC infrastructure design system.

LumenRT 4 Studio is the most comprehensive system for transforming 3D models and designs into rich, nature-filled videos, images and real-time immersive experiences. Developed by the leading provider of natural scenery technology for the CG and movie industry, e-on software’s LumenRT 4 Studio delivers breathtaking realism, superior performance, and ground-breaking ease of use.

The primary value proposition of LumenRT Immersive Nature is to win business by packaging ideas and designs into compelling stories. With LumenRT, ideas come alive and designs are more fully understood by all participants. By presenting and sharing a more complete design experience, LumenRT users have reported transformative results with higher client win percentages, improved quality, and fewer downstream errors.

Visit for more information and to download the free LumenRT 4 Studio trial version.

Source: e-on Software

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