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Dynamic Wrinkles Arise - Character Creator 4.2 and iClone 8.2 Available Now

Reallusion’s latest release provides the tools to create powerful, groundbreaking facial realism in 3D game and cinematic characters of any gender, age, and ethnicity.

Reallusion has just released the Dynamic Wrinkle systems for Character Creator 4.2 and iClone 8.2. For too long, realistic digital humans have been a luxury reserved only for big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, while indie studios with their woeful funding just can’t compete. But Reallusion believes that everyone should have access to cutting-edge tools for creating lifelike characters. This motivation has driven the company to develop the Dynamic Wrinkle system as a solution that is not only accessible but also incredibly easy to use for both 3D character creation and character animation.

Reallusion is pleased to introduce the newly added Dynamic Wrinkle system in Character Creator and iClone. This groundbreaking technology is a game-changer for industry professionals who dream of creating characters with unparalleled realism and personality. With facial expression morphs triggering high-resolution wrinkle maps, users will achieve an astonishing level of detail and expressiveness that truly brings the characters to life.

The Dynamic Wrinkle system is intuitive, customizable, and suitable for game and cinematic characters of any gender, age, and ethnicity. Users can even fine-tune the nuances that make each character unique, ensuring that no two characters are alike. But what really sets the wrinkle system apart is the combination of two cutting-edge technologies: Flow Map and Wrinkle Constraints. These technologies work in tandem to create realistic and stylized wrinkles, perfect for pushing the boundaries of realism for digital human actors and giving comical expressions to cartoon characters. Click here to learn more: Dynamic Wrinkles.

The new Dynamic Wrinkle System takes 3D character animation to new heights. Not only does this release introduce an advanced Look-At Mechanism in iClone, but this system also breathes life into lip-syncs and emotive performances that lets digital actors express realistic awareness of their surroundings in real-time simulations. Click here to learn more: Look-At Mechanism.

On top of that, iClone 8.2 takes software performance to the next level with Progressive Texture Loading. Animators can now begin editing animations immediately, without having to wait for all the heavy textures and materials to load. This innovative feature not only accelerates the LiveLink pipeline between iClone and Unreal or NVIDIA Omniverse but also sets the stage for concurrent GPU rendering, delivering faster, smoother results than ever before. Click here to learn more: Progressive Texture Loading.

Furthermore, the Auto Setup plugins for Unreal, Blender, and Unity can now import and utilize realistic wrinkle animations from iClone and Character Creator, giving every 3D character an unprecedented level of detail and realism.

Reallusion’s real-time blended wrinkle expansion pack, designed to enhance the realism and character depth of both realistic and stylized characters. With a vast selection of high-quality wrinkle patterns to choose from, character artists and animators can easily customize and find the perfect fit. These wrinkle assets utilize the General wrinkle standard, making them compatible with any existing CC3+ character so you can animate in iClone, export to Unreal, Unity, and even Blender. Click here to learn more: Wrinkle Essentials Content Pack.

With a slew of customization options in hand, users have complete control over the final result. The Dynamic Wrinkle system is completely free with the trial or purchase of Character Creator and iClone. It is recommended that all users install this update. Trial users can use the full functions of Character Creator 4.2 and iClone 8.2, including this latest Dynamic Wrinkle system.

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