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Dvein Creates Dynamic IDs for Science Channel

Blacklist’s Dvein creates dynamic network IDs for the Science Channel, inspired by the collision of the natural and imagined worlds.

Blacklist Director, Dvein, came together with the Science Channel for a round of network IDs inspired by a collision of the natural and imagined worlds.

“Science's tagline is 'question everything'.   These provocative idents demand viewers to immerse themselves in a puzzle: to wonder, to imagine, and above all, to question everything,” says Science Channel Creative Director Tom King.  "As longtime fans of Dvein we were thrilled to finally collaborate on a project, especially one on which their team could really explore creatively."

The three ten-second pieces touch on themes of technology, geology and physics while playing with point of view and surprise unveilings. Dvein referenced everything from seaweed and salt deserts to plant roots and physics in order to achieve a distinctive look.

“Science Channel is all about living and breathing in the world,” commented Dvein Producer, Marga Sardà.  “It creates mystery and vibrancy and questions.  Exactly what we aim for in all of our work. ”

The bumpers are consistent with Dvein's signature approach of combining captivating storytelling with visually intriguing subject matter.

“We’ve been fans of the Science Channel work, and they’ve been long-time Dvein fans,” says Executive Producer, Adina Sales.  "This was an inspired collaboration between admirers.”

Source: Blacklist

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