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DVD Releases For August 12, 2008

Animation for kids, XXX: STATE OF THE UNION on Blu-ray, some classic WB shows and more, all on DVD and Blu-ray today.


From Walt Disney Home Ent. comes MULAN and the direct-to-DVD sequel MULAN II together in one package.

In MULAN (1998), Mulan is a young girl who wants to please and honor her family, but seems destined to fail. When she is sent to a matchmaker to win a good husband, her gawkiness and lack of grace lead to shame and rejection. These problems pale, however, when her aging father is summoned to join the Chinese army and repel the invading Huns. Realizing that her father could never survive in battle, Mulan's courage and ingenuity eventually distinguish her in the eyes of her commander, Captain Shang. With the help of her pint-sized dragon protector, Mushu, Mulan is key in turning back the Huns in battle. When she is wounded, it is discovered that she is a woman, and Shang abandons her as a traitor. Left behind, Mulan sees the Hun army heading for the Imperial Palace and races there. When Mulan defeats Hun general Shan-Yu and saves the Emporer, she brings honor upon herself and her family and wins the heart of Captain Shang

In MULAN II (2004), after saving her nation from the evil Huns, the spirited Mulan gets the surprise of her life when General Shang asks for her hand in marriage. Before the wedding, however, Mulan and Shang must complete a dangerous mission as they escort three princesses, Ting-Ting, Mei, and Su, to a distant city. The future of China hangs in the balance when, in the middle of their journey, Mulan and Shang clash over their duties. Breathing fire into all this mayhem is the mischievous Mushu, who wants to keep Mulan single as long as possible in order to keep his cushy job as her guardian dragon.

MULAN Special Features Include:

--Seven deleted scenes including one cut song--Four music videos--"Mulan's World" Game--"Mulan's Fun Facts"--Audio Commentary--"Discovering Mulan" Behind-the-scenes adventure with the filmmakers--Early Presentation Reels--Disneypedia: ''Mulan's World'' with Mushu--Mulan Fun Facts

MULAN II Special Features Include:

--Voices Of Mulan: A star-studded feature highlighting the voice cast--The World Of Mulan: Take a fun-filled tour of China's rich history and culture with your host, Mushu--Deleted Scenes--Mushu's Guess Who? Game -- Play a guessing game as Mushu shows off his shadow-puppet skills--(I WANNA BE) LIKE OTHER GIRLS video performed by Atomic Kitten


From Sony Pictures Home Ent. comes the Blu-ray release of XXX: STATE OF THE UNION. In this action-packed sequel to the box-office smash XXX, Ice Cube stars as Darius Stone, a thrill-seeking troublemaker whose criminal record and extreme sports obsession make him the perfect candidate to be the newest xXx agent. He must save the U.S. government from a deadly conspiracy led by five-star general and Secretary of Defense George Deckert (played by Willem Dafoe). Only a renegade xXx agent like Stone has the Xtreme skills to stop Deckert's dangerous military splinter group from taking over the government in America's capital.

The 2005 theatrical release had vfx by ILM, Persistence of Vision Ent., Pacific Title and Art Studio, Hydraulx, Tweak Films, Gentle Giant Studios and Level Productions.

While the original movie featured visual effects created in majority by Digital Domain, STATE OF THE UNION showcases digital illusions crafted by Industrial Light & Magic with Scott Farrar (PETER PAN) as visual effects supervisor. Facing an intimidating deadline -- only 12 weeks between principal photography and delivery date -- Farrar elected to share the workload with associate visual effects supervisor Samir Hoon (TERMINATOR 3 -- RISE OF THE MACHINES).

"We had 254 shots to do and less than three months to complete them," recalled Hoon. "I mostly focused on the creation of the CG backgrounds. During principal photography, Scott and I each supervised one of the two shooting units. We switched between them depending on the circumstances."

Special Features (Standard Definition) Include:

--Three Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary--"From Convict to Hero -- The Making of XXX: STATE OF THE UNION" Featurette--Top Secret Military Warehouse Featurette--xXx: According to Ice Cube Featurette--Director Lee Tamahori's Commentary--Visual Effects Commentary--Four Bullet Train Breakdown Angles with director Lee Tamahori's introduction--Blu-ray Live capability--Previews

EON KID: Season One, Volume One On DVD

The power of the iron fist is coming to DVD. Anchor Bay Ent. is releasing the first ever DVD of the hit KIDS WB! Saturday morning series EON KID. The new release arrives in stores August 12 with a SRP of $16.98. The action-packed series has achieved strong ratings since launching on the Kid's WB! September 22, 2007, often holding the No. 1 spot of all broadcast programs in its time period.

In a future world, Marty, an enterprising 11 year old who deals in scrap robot parts, stumbles upon an ancient Iron Fist. Unexpectedly, the Fist comes to life and attaches itself to Marty's arm, endowing him with unknown fighting powers and at the same time putting him at the heart of a centuries-old struggle between good and evil. Now the hero's journey takes Marty into a world of bounty hunters, battle-bots, legendary warriors and The General's dark forces.

EON KID: Season One, Volume One features the first five episodes of the series, with more than 100 minutes of action packed adventure including:

--"The Legendary Fist"--"The Heir to the Fist"--"The Journey Begins"--"Strength Isn't Everything"--"Ally's Secret"

Special features include:

--Photo Gallery--Extended Trailer--Downloadable Mini Poster


Warner Home Video and DC Comics revive some of your favorite Filmation Associates-produced adventures with the release of DC SUPER HEROES: THE FILMATION ADVENTURES to DVD on August 12, 2008 for $24.98 SRP. This two-disc compilation features heroes from the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and TEEN TITANS in a total of 18 classic cartoons.

Lou Scheimer, the legendary founder of the Filmation Animation Studio brought the DC Super Heroes to life with his incredible animated shows. JUSTICE LEAGUE favorites The Atom, The Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman made their debut on ABC alongside the TEEN TITANS squad: Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad. Thrust into the eternal battle of good versus evil, the heroes are pitted against alien invaders and fantastical creatures from strange worlds, all intent on taking over planet Earth. Will the heroes be able to save mankind when danger calls? Watch as the original defenders of evil fight to defeat the villains and defend humanity.

DC SUPER HEROES: THE FILMATION ADVENTURES will include DVD extras including a 45 minute in-depth documentary profile of Filmation Animation Studio and its legendary founder Lou Scheimer.


She's not your mother's Holly Hobbie anymore The new Holly is a modern, confident girl with a loving family and a great group of close friends who call themselves the "Hey Girls Club!" Holly and her friends show off their penchant for fashion in the all-new feature-length adventure HOLLY HOBBIE AND FRIENDS: FABULOUS FASHION SHOW. Sony Pictures Home Ent. will release this DVD premiere, which features two new sing-alongs and an interactive game, on August 12, 2008 with an SRP of $12.99.

Holly Hobbie made her debut in 1967 as an old-fashioned girl with a calico bonnet and a sweet patchwork gown and quickly became a beloved icon for girls around the world. Now her great-granddaughter is the new Holly, who embraces the same wholesome values. Holly and her family are the perfect companions for girls who aren't in a hurry to grow up. In HOLLY HOBBIE AND FRIENDS: FABULOUS FASHION SHOW, Holly and her friends learn how to overcome homesickness and what can be accomplished through friendship.

HOLLY HOBBIE AND FRIENDS: FABULOUS FASHION SHOW represents the fifth Sony release of the popular brand, which include best-selling HOLLY HOBBIE titles SURPRISE PARTY, CHRISTMAS WISHES, SECRET ADVENTURES and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. Also available on August 12, HOLLY HOBBIE & FRIENDS HEY GIRLS DVD FUN PACK.

"Holly Hobbie Inside Out"

Everyone is excited about the Clover Library Auction. Holly and her friend Portia journey to Clover to come up with a spectacular idea to help out with the event. Holly, Portia, Carrie and Amy decide to put on a special Hey Girls! Fashion Show, but their plans take a turn when Portia's kidding gets mean and Carrie and Amy back out. Holly discovers the importance of listening, and when all the girls join in, they make the best fashion show ever, with friendship as the stitching that holds them together.

"Holly Hobbie Hats Off"

Holly's friends Carrie and Amy come to visit her in New York. Promising them a surprise, they meet up with Parker and Portia to venture out to see the sights and sounds of the city. As they explore the zoo and other city attractions, Carrie gets homesick and feels out of place amid the tall buildings, loud sounds and huge crowds of people. As the girls search for a missing piece to their Inside Out fashion line, they all help Carrie to bravely relax and enjoy the city and to discover that "home is where your hat is."

Special Features Include:

--Two Sing-Alongs: "Home Is Where Your Hat Is" and "Let Your Inside Out."--"Inside Outfits" Game


Sweet and spunky Strawberry Shortcake will be rockin' into American households just in time for back-to-school when STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: ROCKABERRY ROLL jams to DVD August 12 from Fox Home Entertainment, American Greetings and DIC Ent.

Joined by two of her "berry" best friends Angel Cake and Ginger Snap, the trio band together to sing up-lifting, catchy tunes the whole family can sing and dance along to. Strawberry and friends continue to rock-out in an encore "Strawberry Jam," a music video featured on the bonus materials. Additional bonus materials include a character gallery memory book and printable coloring pages.

Generating more than $2 billion dollars in worldwide retail sales, the successful Strawberry Shortcake brand has evolved into one of the top children's video franchises with more than 9.5 million units sold to date. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: ROCKABERRY ROLL will be featuring the fresh new look of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends is available for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

The DVD also includes a music video special feature, a character gallery memory book and printable coloring pages.


Bear Country's most loveable family is back, and this time they are learning the secrets of growing up. Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother learn lessons that go along with sharing and caring in THE BERENSTAIN BEARS: FAMILY AND FRIENDSHIP. Sony Pictures Home Ent. will release the 12th volume from the popular PBS KIDS series on DVD on August 12, 2008 with a family-friendly SRP of $12.99.

Take a trip deep into Bear Country to discover where bad dreams come from and how giving is the other end of receiving. Share the cool lessons learned from new neighbors, and understand why growing up should take its own sweet time. Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister invite you to share the bonds of family and friendship in these lively everyday adventures with THE BERENSTAIN BEARS.

Based on the classic children's book series from Stan and Jan Berenstain, THE BERENSTAIN BEARS, a Nelvana Limited co-production with Agogo Ent. in association with PBS and Treehouse, has fascinated children for four decades. Premiering in 2003 on the PBS KIDS Network, the preschool-targeted animated series THE BERENSTAIN BEARS has proven that their enduring message of love and patience easily translates from the printed page to the small screen. Like all other titles FAMILY AND FRIENDSHIP also contains Sony Pictures Home Ent.'s unique "Quick-Start" auto-play feature.

Adventures Include:

"The Green Eyed Monster"

When Brother gets a brand new three-speed racer, Sister's envious feelings are personified in her dreams by a little green version of herself. This Green Eyed Monster convinces Sister to sneak Brother's new bike out for a ride but when she does, Sister realizes too late that it's too big for her and she can't control it. Fortunately Brother and Papa rescue Sister before Brother's bike can crash, then together they help chase the Green Eyed Monster away by jazzing up Brother's old bike and giving it to Sister.

"The Prize Pumpkin"

Papa's longstanding friendship with Farmer Ben becomes strained when winning first place at a pumpkin growing contest becomes far too important. On Thanksgiving Day, after his pumpkin fails to take the blue ribbon, Papa is thankful that Farmer Ben still wants to be his friend in spite his unneighborly behavior during the competition.

"The New Neighbors"

When the family next door moves away, Papa, Mama and the cubs all hope their new neighbors will be just like their old ones. But when the new neighbors turn out to be nothing at all like the old ones, the Bear Family has trouble adjusting and can't seem to warm up to them. But, by focusing on who their new neighbors are instead of who they aren't, the Bear Family learns to appreciate their differences and realizes the new neighbors are just as great as the old ones - in their own way.

"Think Of Those In Need"

When Brother and Sister have to clean their room, they find they have more things than places to store it all. They decide to donate their extra games, puzzles and books to the Home For Retired Bears. Later, Brother discovers that he has given away a book he wanted to keep. In the process of searching the retirement home for his accidental donation, he and Sister visit with some of the elderly residents and learn how rewarding it is to share their time with others.

"The Bad Dream"

Brother and Sister love the Space Grizzlies TV show, but recently, Sister finds that a new villain character is just a little too scary for her. In fact, it's becoming harder and harder to avoid him -- he's on the TV, he's one of Brother's modeling clay sculptures, and ultimately, the Space Grizzly character ends up in one of her dreams. When Sister tells Mama about her bad dream, Mama reassures her that it is always best to talk to someone about things you find scary because it makes you feel better. Sister does feel better, and like Mama did for her, Sister helps Brother feel better by being there for him to talk to when he has his own bad dream.

"Big Bear, Small Bear"

When he's given his very own key to the tree house, Brother feels so grown up that he turns his back on frivolous cub games in favor of doing "important grown up jobs" with Papa. When Papa can't find a way to help Ms. Grizzle gain access to her accidentally locked house, it's Brother who shinnies up a nearby tree to an open window like only a cub can. Realizing that cubs can do important jobs too, like taking care of their pets, helping their family and siblings, Brother decides not to be in such a rush to be all grown up and rejoins the cub fun with his friends.

SOUTH PARK: The Complete Eleventh Season - Uncensored On DVD

In the 11th season of SOUTH PARK, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny attempt to rescue Imaginationland from nuclear annihilation, discover the secret behind the Easter Bunny and get head lice. Released via Comedy Central Home Ent. and Paramount Home Ent., SOUTH PARK: The Complete Eleventh Season -- Uncensored DVD arrives in stores nationwide on Tuesday, August 12 and will also be available at

SOUTH PARK: The Complete Eleventh Season -- Uncensored DVD is an exclusive three-disc collector's edition comprised of all 14 episodes. In addition to the Emmy-nominated episode, "The Imaginationland Trilogy," this unforgettable compilation also features the episode "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson," which presents Stan's dad trying to find forgiveness after mistakenly using a racial slur on WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

The bonus material contains five-to-seven minute mini-commentaries on all 14 episodes by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


All new adventures from everyone's favorite cartoon cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry are showcased on TOM AND JERRY TALES: Vol. 5, which will be released by Warner Home Video August 12, 2008. This fifth installment of the hit cartoon franchise features four episodes containing 12 brand-new shorts. TOM AND JERRY TALES: Vol. 5 will retail for $14.97 SRP.

TOM AND JERRY TALES: Vol. 5 presents viewers with 12 totally terrific cartoons loaded with fur-flying, fun-filled chases, mischief and general high-jinks, including encounters with space aliens in "Invasion of the Body Slammers," and Big Foot in "Sasquashed." In "Monster Con," legendary monster hunter, Van Helsing, chases after Tom when he's transformed into a werewolf. Jerry transforms into a skateboarder while Tom chases him down on a dirt bike in "Xtreme Trouble. Endless Bummer" features Tom, Jerry and the lovable Droopy entering a surfing competition.

TOM AND JERRY TALES originally premiered on Kids' WB in September 2006 and features characters from the classic TOM AND JERRY cartoons in newly created shorts, which audiences have not seen done in 30 years. TOM AND JERRY TALES can be seen online at