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DreamWorks' Gladiator Coming To Imax

On Monday, November 20, 2000, DreamWorks announced it would release its US$186.6 million summer blockbuster GLADIATOR on Imax screens. The film will hit theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto and other major cities on Wednesday, November 22, one day after it hits video stores on VHS and DVD. The flick will be shown in its original 35mm format. No details on the financial terms of the deal between Imax and DreamWorks were released. When Disney's FANTASIA/2000 played on the giant screens in January, the two companies split the proceeds 50/50. This is the second big effects flick to come to Imax. In September 2000, various Imax theaters began playing THE MATRIX. This deal between Imax and DreamWorks comes on the heels of Imax's decision not to go through with plans to turn PDI/DreamWorks' animated flick, SHREK, into a 3D Imax digital film. Increased costs due to creative changes were said to be the reasons for the move.

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