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DreamWorks Animation Previews 2013 Slate

DreamWorks Animation gives a sneak peek at its accelerated 2013 slate with new distribution partner Fox, including a new “Rocky & Bullwinkle” short to be voiced by June Foray.

Tuesday morning DreamWorks Animation gave a sneak peek of its accelerated 2013 slate with new distribution partner Fox: The Croods (March 22), Turbo (July 19) and Mr. Peabody & Sherman (November 1). The 2013 slate is just the beginning, as DreamWorks plans on releasing at least three movies a year through 2016, including four films in 2015.


According to the Immersed in Movies blog by AWN contributor Bill Desowitz, the studio provided a look at 35 minutes of the prehistoric comedy/adventure, The Croods. Produced by Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell, the film has taken nine years to complete.


The studio also shared the setup of Turbo from director David Soren and producer Lisa Stewart: an underdog story with a 1980s vibe about a garden snail from the Valley that dreams of being a racer. After an accidental ingestion of nitrous oxide, Turbo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) gets his wish. Inspired by Rocky and Breaking Awa y, it’s a story of brothers in conflict.

Finally, director Rob Minkoff showed off footage from Mr. Peabody & Sherman, with Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burrell) escaping from the guillotine during the French Revolution with the help of the sun and Sherman’s glasses before making a hasty retreat in the WayBack machine.

According to Desowitz, Minkoff also said there will be a Rocky & Bullwinkle short in front of the Mr. Peabody & Sherman feature, with Rocky to be voiced by the venerable June Foray.

Source: Immersed In Movies

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