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DreamWorks and Netflix Share ‘Not Quite Narwhal’ Season 2 Trailer

Based on the New York Times bestseller by Jessie Sima, the animated preschool series about curious and fun-loving Kelp, who always believed he was a narwhal until he finds out he’s not, returns January 22 with all-new episodes.

DreamWorks Animation and Netflix have shared a trailer for Season 2 of the popular 3DCG animated preschool series, Not Quite Narwhal, based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name by Jessie Sima. The story follows a curious and fun-loving Kelp who has always believed he was a narwhal – until one day, he discovers he’s really a unicorn. New episodes stream January 22.

The series follows Kelp, who, even though he’s always been a bit different, has assumed he was a narwhal, just like the rest of his underwater family. Then, one day, he gets swept to land by a strong ocean current and discovers a creature who looks just like him. A UNICORN! So many things suddenly make sense. But rather than choosing to be just a unicorn, Kelp embraces being both a narwhal and his newly discovered unicorn identity. Juggling his day-to-day life, Kelp learns how to navigate his two worlds: the ocean and land.

In Season 2, with two magical worlds to explore, Kelp is busy embracing his new life as a narwhal and a unicorn! Whether discovering mysterious sea sculptures, playing an exciting game of Sparks Ball, or enjoying a special visit from the Great Great Grandicorn, Kelp and his friends always follow their curiosity. They'll even get to meet a snow unicorn named Dambi and two-horned narwhal named Barb, embracing the magic of what makes everyone unique, on land and in the sea!

Not Quite Narwhal is co-executive produced by Brian K. Roberts, Nakia Trower Shuman, and Sarah Katin. The voice talent includes Nevin Kar as Kelp; Lucy Lowe as Scallop; Ryan Lopez as Cruz; Scarlett Kate Ferguson as Pixie; Sasha Knight as Ollie; and Mixie Chen as Juniper. The guest cast includes Matt Yang King as Dad Tuskington and Crabby; Weston Mangles as Theo; James Monroe Iglehart as Chef Jinglehooves; Kevin Dunn as Mr. Pearly; Sally Struthers as Mrs. Polydopoulos; and Yvette Nicole Brown as Great Great Grandicorn.       

Watch the Official Season 2 trailer:

Source: DreamWorks Animation

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