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Dream Theater Creates Intro Film For Activision Game

Dream Theater Animation has wrapped on an intro film for SUPERCAR STREET CHALLENGE, an upcoming racing game from Activision. The 2 1/2-minute film features eight exotic high-performance cars racing through recreations of three cities, Los Angeles, London and Monaco. The film was produced in Maya, 3D Studio MAX, AfterEffects and Adobe Photoshop. The first step of the production was the creation of a video animatic of existing stock footage and television races. The team then created preliminary 3D animatics utilizing low-resolution models, while simultaneously building detailed high-resolution models. Activision provided Dream Theater with game assets from which the film was developed. Mohammed Davoudian, head of animation and co-founder of Dream Theater, said, "One of the big challenges was designing a rig and chase that not only automated a vehicle's motion but could also be easily transferred to the other cars. We also knew time was not a luxury but we were not willing to sacrifice on quality. So we identified potential problems up front and established a production pipeline that allowed each animator to complete a shot every couple of days."