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‘Dream Defenders’ Continues Global Expansion Strategy

Singapore’s Tiny Island Production unveils new VR experience and Stereoscopic 3D viewer, teams with Popeyes Restaurants to launch special kids meal in the U.S.

SINGAPORE -- Tiny Island Production has announced that its award-winning TV series Dream Defenders has been released on Amazon Prime Video.

This marks Dream Defender’s continued entry into the U.S. market. It originally debuted on 3Net (a joint venture between Discovery Communications, Sony, and IMAX Corporation) and was later picked up by Hulu and Discovery Family. Last year, it was picked up by multi-platform kids entertainment network Kabillion. Internationally, the series has been sold to 80 countries worldwide, including major broadcasters like Planeta Junior and SUPER RTL in Europe, and Dreamworks TV Asia which covers 19 countries across Asia.

In partnership with Splash Entertainment, Popeyes Restaurants in the U.S. will be launching a special kids meal to promote the latest release of the series. Fans will receive a limited edition 3D Viewer which allows them to check out scenes from the Dream Defenders TV series in Stereoscopic 3D. Also available is a 3D “Make-A-Scene” pack that allows fans to recreate or play out new scenes from Dream Defenders, using heroes and villains against 3D Lenticular backdrops featured in the show.

In collaboration with Presence Pictures, iPhone users can also look forward to the recently launched free app, Dream Defenders VR, a fully immersive and interactive experience that allows users experience and participate in the excitement of the sci-fi/adventure series.

“Imagine, after watching an episode (of Dream Defenders) on TV. Once you don your VR set, you can continue to explore the adventure in the show’s Dream Worlds,” said David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island Productions. “And it’s not just a passive 360 video. You can actually walk, run and even jump during the experience. Now you can fight the nightmare monsters side by side with (show protagonists) Zane and Zoey, where dangers could come from any direction; not just from the front but also from the left, right, behind, above or below. You can shoot at enemies by staring at them without pressing any buttons. And you don’t even need any fancy expensive equipment to dive right in. All you need is your smart phone and goggles that cost less than $20, or even the Google cardboard. The iPhone app also has a function that allows you to play without needing goggles.”

The company is currently working on enhancing the VR experience by adding new features, such as allowing multiple viewers to explore the Dream Defender’s VR worlds together, and whatever the viewers do, will change the story. With this new feature, Tiny Island Production aims to partner with game and toy companies, where viewers can even give their VR characters power-ups and abilities via micro-transactions or toy-packs.

Currently, Tiny Island Productions is looking to expand licensing and merchandising opportunities for Dream Defenders. It is in talks with media groups in China to continue to grow the brand, and tap on the booming consumer interest in VR.

Source: Tiny Island Production

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