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‘Dragon’s Lair’ Feature Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal

Legendary animator Don Bluth and producer Gary Goldman join forces to bring a classically animated ‘Dragon's Lair: The Movie’ to the big screen, raising more than $390,000 to produce a four-minute pitch presentation video.

Legendary animator Don Bluth and producer Gary Goldman have joined forces to bring a classically animated Dragon's Lair: The Movie to the big screen.

Now available on more than 70 platforms, classic arcade game Dragon's Lair has been a fan favorite around the world since 1983. Bluth and Goldman launched an Indiegogo campaign late in mid-December in order to raise funds to produce a four-minute pitch presentation video which will contain outline storyboards hitting the major plot points and one minute of full-color animation. With 58 hours still to go, they’ve already exceeded their goal of $250,000 with a whopping total of $394,183. In addition to the four-minute pitch video, Bluth and Goldman intend to employ a professional screenwriter to work with them on the movie script.

Here’s the synopsis for the film:

Long ago in the kingdom of Winterholler, there lived a young prince, named DIRK. He was the joy and hope for the future of the entire realm, but did not grow up to become the king. The court wizard, MORDROC created a formidable dragon to destroy the royal family to establish himself as the supreme ruler of the land.

On the eve of Dirk's betrothal to the Princess DAPHNE, the dragon crashes through the roof of the palace killing the King and Queen and sinking the entire royal court into the mote. The royal children, DIRK and DAPHNE, are saved from a certain death by royal nurse, HILDE, who spirits them away to a secret cottage in "The Swamps of Despair."

HILDE, with magic of her own, protects the children from that traumatic night by clouding their memories. She knows that Mordroc will not rest until they are dead. A prophecy is rumored that when the boy reaches sixteen years of age, he will return, kill MORDROC, and take back the throne.

On his sixteenth birthday, Dirk learns the truth, but rejects the idea of becoming the King. He wants to be a Knight and vows to avenge his parents’ deaths. MORDROC discovers DIRK and DAPHNE'S whereabouts, and sends a bigger dragon after them. HILDE, arms DIRK with the Sword of Truth, and gives DAPHNE the Bow and Arrow of Virtue. Neither sword nor bow are magic. They must use their wits to fight their way to a happier day. The fate of the kingdom is at stake. MORDROC is what stands in the way of a happy ending.

The duo has worked on a slew of successful animated features over the course of their careers, including The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven and Anastasia, to name just a few. Learn more about the project here on the Dragon’s Lair: The Movie Indegogo campaign page.

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