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"Doug's 1st Movie" will hit the big screen in March

Originally intended as a direct-to-video film, Walt Disney Pictures hasannounced that "Doug's 1st Movie," based on the ABC series "Disney's Doug,"will be released to theaters on March 26 in time for the spring break andEaster holidays. Both the TV series and film are produced by New York-basedJumbo Pictures Inc., a subsidiary of Disney acquired in 1996. "Doug's 1stMovie" follows the misadventures of 12-year old Doug Funnie as he findshimself caught between saving the endangered "monster" of Lucky Duck Lakeand his burning desire to take Patti Mayonnaise to the school dance. Thefilm is produced and exec produced by Jumbo co-founders Jim Jinkins andDavid Campbell and directed by Maurice Joyce. Jack Spillum and MelanieGrisanti also serve as producers. "It has been a real blast having the timeand resources to take Doug and his pals on their most ambitious adventureyet and it gave us a great opportunity to let our imaginations run wild,"stated Jim Jinkins. Campbell and Jinkins have also executive produced"Disney's 101 Dalmations: The Series" and "Disney's PB & J Otters" for TheDisney Channel through Jumbo Pictures. It is also interesting to note thatof Nickelodeon's three original Nicktoons - "The Rugrats," "Doug" and "TheRen and Stimpy Show" - two have now resulted in theatrical features.