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'The Doodle Project' Explores Collaborative Filmmaking

Beginning as tiny stickman in the sketchbook of Berlin-based animator Dante Zaballa (aka Podoboo), The Doodle Project is an exercise in collaborative illustration featuring the doodles of 62 artists from around the world.


Dante Zaballa (aka Podoboo) had the idea to draft a simple animation of a looping stick-man character for use in an unusual collaborative effort, The Doodle Project. The individual stick-man frames of this simple animation were sent out to a variety of animators to use as key point guidelines before fleshing-out the character with their own designs.

The idea was enthusiastically received by the independent animation scene with over 62 skilled illustrators and 14 musicians from all around the world working on the project. Dante describes the result a “big collaborative group hug.”

The resulting piece is a psychedelic explosion of fast paced color, shape and imagination, taking the viewer through a psychotic portfolio of some of today's most outstanding creative talents.

Watch the collaborative short film, below, and click here for the full list of character illustrators and sound designers:

Idea and Animation: Dante Zaballa

Hand Lettering: Guillermina Gomez (aka Kind Instants)

Sound Mastering: Fede Chiclana

(via Stash)

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