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Don’t Miss Epic’s ‘Animation Workflows Using Unreal Engine and Maya’ Webinar

Coming Wednesday, November 10, virtual event will show how to create stylized character-based animation using UE and Autodesk Maya, exploring open standards like Alembic and USD to quickly move work between the two platforms.

Epic has just announced a new webinar, “Animation Workflows Using Unreal Engine and Maya,” coming next Wednesday, November 10, at 9 am EST / 2 pm GMT and again at 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT. Click here to register.

The webinar will explore how to use open standards like Alembic and Universal Scene Description (USD) to quickly move animation and simulation data between Maya and Unreal Engine; it will also show how to use the visual effects generated with Maya’s Bifrost and XGen with Unreal Engine's native tools. In addition, some look development techniques will be demonstrated using Unreal Engine’s RTX-based real-time ray tracing capabilities.

Topics covered will also include:

  • Exchange character animation effects between Maya and Unreal Engine using open standards
  • Use MASH and Blueprints for procedural animation
  • Create realistic character effects in Maya
  • Develop the look using tools in Unreal Engine

Presenters taking part are as follows:

Daryl Obert, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Epic Games

Obert is a CG veteran with over 25 years' experience, starting his career as an application engineer. Currently, he works for Epic Games in a technical marketing capacity and evangelizes Unreal Engine in non-games markets. He is an expert in VR/AR, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, compositing, and game engines.

Harvey Newman, Gameplay Animation Director, Build A Rocket Boy

Newman’s experience in the industry spans over 18 years. He’s worked on blockbuster game titles such as Battlefield, Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefront, and Warhammer. He is also a content creator for his 10K subscribers on YouTube where he shares animation tips, tutorials, tech reviews, and more.

Steven Roselle, Product Manager—Maya, Autodesk

Roselle has over 20 years’ experience working in the media and entertainment industry. As Maya Product Manager at Autodesk, he oversees the implementation of technical production workflows and artist-centric features. He’s worked with a long list of high-profile studios including Pixar, 343, Blur, Riot, Pixomondo, Insomniac, DreamWorks, Bungie, and many more.

Source: Epic Games

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