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Don Hertzfeldt Releases ‘World Of Tomorrow Episode Two’ on Demand

From Bitter Films, ‘World Of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden Of Other People's Thoughts’ now available to rent on Vimeo.

The sequel to Don Hertzfeldt’s Oscar-nominated animated short, World Of Tomorrow, is now available to rent on Demand via Vimeo.

Fans of Hertzfeldt's World Of Tomorrow probably don't need much pushing to shell out $5 to see the sequel. But any of you who somehow haven’t yet seen last year’s World Of Tomorrow need to drop whatever you’re doing immediately and watch it right now. One of the best pieces of filmmaking of the past decade, this weird, funny, heartbreaking and profound short is currently streaming on Netflix and Google Play.

We don’t want to spoil anything, but World Of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden Of Other People's Thoughts is a more than worthy follow-up. Like the first film, the 22-minute sequel features Hertzfeldt’s niece, Winona Mae, as a child named Emily, and British animator Julia Pott as one of her clones from the future. Check out the trailer in the player below, and head over to Vimeo to rent the full movie:

Source: Bitter Films

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