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Does a Clay Shortage Threaten Future Aardman Animations Productions?

Although the only manufacturer of ‘Lewis Newplast,’ the studio’s favorite clay, went out of business this past March, word is ‘there is absolutely no need to worry’ about future projects. 

Where has all the clay gone? Last week, The Telegraph reported that Aardman Animations, the famed stop-motion studio behind the Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run franchises, was facing a clay shortage crisis. Known for their stop-motion work, the ‘Claymation’ experts have used a product called Lewis Newplast in all its productions since the early 1970s. But the only manufacturer shuttered its doors in March of this year. Aardman swiftly bought up all the remaining clay, which was conveniently just enough for the new Wallace & Gromit film coming in 2024. Beyond that, the studio seemed to be out of luck.

Thankfully, Aardman has now released a statement assuaging any clay-based fears, assuring, “There is absolutely no need to worry.” The statement adds that the studio has been “tinkering away for quite some time with plans in place to ensure a smooth transition to new stocks.” Way to plan for the future of cinema in our hour of knead!

Crisis averted! Looking toward a much more promising future, the upcoming Wallace & Gromit feature will be directed by Nick Park and Merlin Crossingham and reportedly follows an out-of-control “smart gnome" when it arrives on Netflix and the BBC in 2024. The Chicken Run sequel, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget hits Netflix December 15.

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