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DMA, Possible Worlds, and MTV Animation put PHRED ON YOUR HEAD

Nickelodeon's PHRED ON YOUR HEAD is a show in which Phred, an originalanimated character who appears on the forehead of a different real kidevery day, and the kid whose forehead Phred appears on, introduce anirreverent collection of classic segments from such educational shows asSESAME STREET and THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, in addition to new material that iseducational and entertaining. Working from sketches provided by NewYork-based Data Motion Arts (DMA), Possible Worlds and MTV Animationcreated Phred using Possible Worlds' system that makes real-time celanimation possible. PHRED ON YOUR HEAD debuted on Nickelodeon on June 6 at12 pm, and will appear on Nickelodeon's new network, Noggin, on Monday,July 26. The show will air twice daily, 5-7 pm and 8-10 pm ET. Noggin is aneducational TV channel and website, developed as a joint venture ofNickelodeon and Children's Television Workshop.