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Disney's Treasure Planet Comes To Life For Gamers

Both Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. and Disney Interactive have released titles centered on Disney's new feature film based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island," titled Disney's TREASURE PLANET, which opens in theaters nationwide on November 27. Disney's TREASURE PLANET for PlayStation and PS One game consoles, builds upon the story in the movie, where Jim Hawkins leaves home in search of treasure. Gamers will discover new characters, environments and gameplay elements while viewing cut-scenes that tie in with the feature film narrative. Disney's TREASURE PLANET for PlayStation 2 allows gamers to explore 20 intergalactic levels based on the movie with unlockable film clips to gather and store. It also features virtual sets enhanced with classic Disney-style animation and a wide variety of video options including Widescreen 4:3, Letterbox, and Anamorphic displays. Finally, TREASURE PLANET for Game Boy Advance, a handheld adventure developed by Bizarre Creations, gives players the chance to explore and solar surf through Etherium in search of the "loot of a thousand worlds." Clips from the movie are incorporated into the game. Also available are TREASURE PLANET: BATTLE AT PROCYON for PC and three separate Treasure Planet PC mini-arcade games: BROADSIDE BLAST, ETHERIUM RESCUE and TREASURE RACER.