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Disneyland Paris Warms Hearts with Adorable Ad, ‘The Little Duck’

Donald Duck’s biggest fan steals the show in new ad campaign from agency BETC Paris.

While Christmas Day has come and gone, Disneyland Paris has provided what just might be one of the heartwarming tales of the season.

On December 23, the theme park sent out a call for help locating a missing duckling. “A worrying duck disappearance is the talk of the town, and Disneyland Paris is getting actively involved in the efforts to find the missing duckling. Have you seen him?” Disneyland Paris posted to its Twitter account.

Then, on Christmas Day, Disneyland Paris announced that the duckling had been found, releasing the park’s new advertising campaign, “Where Magic Gets Real,” created by agency BETC Paris.

In the ad, which is backed by “The Impossible Dream (The Quest),” the adorable wandering duckling follows a butterfly to discover a Donald Duck comic book. As the young bird reads through the comic, he quickly falls in love with the popular Disney character and begins acting out the agitated antics of his new hero.

Then, one stormy night, the duckling’s family declares that it’s time to head south for winter. Little Duck tries to carry his beloved comic in his tiny, adorable beak but it’s just too heavy and it has to be left behind. Off they fly through the storm, until they’re struck down by the rain. But, the next morning, Little Duck wakes up and sleepily goes off to explore their new location. And guess who he bumps into? Donald himself! Little Duck charges at his idol for a hug, but where could he be? Only the Disneyland Park itself, “Where Magic Gets Real.” Cue all the feels...

Now I just need to book that direct flight to Paris.

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