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Disney Treasures Wave 3 Now on DVD

After an initial delay last December, Disney's popular WALT DISNEY TREASURES DVD series continues with the May 18, 2004, release of WAVE 3, four new, separate limited tin sets offering more uncut, uncensored and never assembled or released wonders (Walt Disney Home Ent., $32.99 each). All the volumes are fully restored and hosted by film historian Leonard Maltin.

WAVE 3 includes "Walt Disney On the Front Lines," the Disney Studio's rare and historic World War II-themed productions, including recently declassified military training films and the feature VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER; "Mickey Mouse In Living Color (Volume Two)," which covers Mickey's great short films from 1939 to 1995; "The Chronological Donald (Volume One)," presenting a first-ever compilation of Donald Duck's shorts from 1936 to 1941; and "Walt Disney's Tomorrowland," offering Walt's historic TV shows on outer space and space travel.

The highlight of WAVE 3 is arguably "On The Front Lines," which is divided into the following two discs:

Disc One: Shorts* Donald Gets Drafted, The Army Mascot, Private Pluto, Fall Out; Fall In, The Old Army Game, Home Defense, How to be a Sailor, Commando Duck, The Vanishing Private, Sky Trooper, Victory Vehicles, Der Fuehrer's Face, Education for Death, Reason and Emotion, Thrifty Pig, Seven Wise Dwarfs, Donald's Decision, All Together, The New Spirit, The Spirit of '43, Food Will Win the War, Out of the Frying Pan and into the Firing Line, The Grain that Built a Hemisphere, Defense Against Invasion, Cleanliness Brings Health, What is Disease?, Planning for Good Eating, Chicken Little and the Winged Scourge.

Disc Two:* Shorts: Four Methods of Flush Riveting, Stop that Tank, Training Film Montage* Full-Length Feature: VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER* Bonus Materials:* VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER Trailer* On the Set of VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER* Production Art Galleries* VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER Art Galleries* "A Conversation with Roy Disney"* "A Conversation with Joe Grant"* "A Conversation with John Hench"

"The Chronological Donald" celebrates all 36 of Donald's starring shorts from 1936-1941. Bonus material includes "The Man Behind The Duck: Clarence 'Ducky' Nash," publicity and memorabilia gallery and story and background art gallery.

Disc One* 1934: The Wise Little Hen (Excerpt)* 1936: Donald and Pluto* 1937: Don Donald, Modern Inventions, Donald's Ostrich* 1938: Self Control, Donald's Better Self, Donald's Nephews, Polar Trappers, Good Scouts, The Fox Hunt, Donald's Golf Game* 1939: Donald's Lucky Day, Hockey Champ, Donald's Cousin Gus, Beach Picnic, Sea Scouts, Donald's Penguin, The Autograph Hound, Officer Duck

Disc Two* 1940: The Riveter, Donald's Dog Laundry, Billposters, Mr. Duck Steps Out, Put-Put Troubles, Donald's Vacation, Window Cleaners, Fire Chief* 1941: Timber, Golden Eggs, A Good Time for a Dime, Early to Bed, Truant Officer Donald, Old MacDonald Duck, Donald's Camera, Chef Donald

"Mickey Mouse in Living Color (Volume Two)" continues Mickey's career in film with 21 animated short subjects and covers Mickey's cartoons from 1939 to 1995.

Disc One:* 1939: Society Dog Show, The Pointer* 1940: Tugboat Mickey, Pluto's Dream House, Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip* 1941: The Little Whirlwind, The Nifty Nineties, Orphans Benefit* 1942: Mickey's Birthday Party, Symphony Hour* 1947: Mickey's Delayed Date* 1948: Mickey Down Under, Mickey and the Seal* 1951: Plutopia, R'Coon Dawg* 1952: Pluto's Party, Pluto's Christmas Tree* 1953: The Simple Things

Disc Two:* Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Prince and the Pauper, Runaway Brain* Bonus Materials:*The Voice Behind The Mouse"* Mouse Mania* Mickey Cartoon Physics From "Plausible Impossible"* Mickey On The Camera Stand From "Tricks Of Our Trade"* Mickey Mouse Club Titles In Color*"Mickey Meets The Maestro"* The Making of "Mickey's Christmas Carol"

"Tomorrowland" features Walt's vision of space exploration comes alive in this compilation of six DISNEYLAND TV shows about outer space and the opportunities and challenges of space travel. In this volume, Disney also explains his concepts and plans for the Walt Disney World and EPCOT projects.

Disc One:* Man in Space* Man and the Moon* Mars and Beyond

Disc Two:* Eyes in Outer Space* Our Friend the Atom* "EPCOT" TV Special* Bonus Materials:* "The Optimistic Futurist"* "Marty Sklar, Walt and EPCOT"* Publicity Gallery* Story and Background Art Gallery* Behind the Scenes Gallery

Coming in December: WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 4 featuring "Mickey Mouse in Black and White (Volume 2)," "True Life Adventures," plus Pluto and MICKEY MOUSE CLUB collections.

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